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Re^2: Regex to extract certain lines only from command output/text file.

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 08, 2013 at 00:55 UTC ( #1022322=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    7 hostname12 Generic-legacy 10000000AB210ACF6 ---
                                 10000000AB210ACF4 2:5:4
                                 10000000AB2A30068 2:5:2
    21 HOSTNAME   Generic
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    9 hostname13 Generic        10000000AB2A3006A 3:5:2
                                 10000000AB2A30068 2:5:2
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    9 hostname13 Generic        10000000AB2A3006A 3:5:2
                                 5001438002A3004A ---
                                 5001438002A30048 2:5:2
    9 hostname13 Generic        10000000AB2A3006A 3:5:2
                                 10000000AB2A30068 2:5:2

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Node Type: note [id://1022322]
[choroba]: Why don't they use tire chains?
[perldigious]: First snow, probably not prepared right away choroba.
[stevieb]: it's Quebec... they do weird stuff there :) In the mountains, it is *mandatory* for trucks to use tire chains. Many passenger vehicles do as well (but it's not mandatory for them)
[perldigious]: That stuff can hit fast... like what we just got where I'm at. Saw a few people who had slid OUT of the roundabout I have to drive through to get to work, not used to the ice yet, take awhile to get the hang of it again and make vehicle adjustments.
[stevieb]: man, when the roads are glare ice, I don't even bother going to work or out... unless I absolutely have to, or was already out in the first place
[choroba]: Tire chains are mandatory here in mountains, and the only unprepared each year are gritters
[stevieb]: I have a 3 day winter survival kit in my vehicle in the event I get snowed in in the mountains (which has happened before due to avalanches closing the roads (and once in the summer due to a massive forest fire that trapped us
[perldigious]: a handful of people in my work area did not make it, but I live pretty close and it's flat the whole way, so I didn't have any trouble. The roundabout is the worst thing I have to negotiate.
[thezip]: G'day all!
[perldigious]: Well, that and dodging the people who forget how ice works right away. :-)

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