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what the force of many cannot

We blame tye.

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 22, 2002 at 07:11 UTC ( #153507=monkdiscuss: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    <tye>    &displaytype=hack (:
    <tye>    try that ar0n, on your home node
    <tye>    I'm still away
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    <ar0n>    Where on my home node?
    *    ar0n hits tye
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    <ar0n>    tye!!
    <ar0n>    Rock!
    <ar0n>    Neat!
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    <ar0n>    !!
    <ar0n>    !!
    <ar0n>    !!
    *    ar0n hits tye!!!!!!!
    *    ar0n hits tye!!!!!!!
    *    ar0n hits tye!!!!!!!
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    *    japh chuckles
    <zdog>    Hahaaha/
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    <ar0n>    GOD FUCKING DAMNIT
    <zdog>    Where the fuck is tye?!
    <ar0n>    At least we have a god around who has access to the database
    <ar0n>    Oh, sorry.
    <japh>    fucking bad time for tye to be away...
    *    cow watches all the passwords get eaten.
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    <japh>    Oh good. Internal server error.
    <cow>    Oh.
    <japh>    The quick way to disable that.
    <zdog>    ar0n got him.
    <japh>    k, good
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    *    zdog called.
    <zdog>    I feel special.
    *    japh mumbles
    <zdog>    I got to talk to tye. =)
    <japh>    heh.
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    <ar0n>    I think I speak for all, when I say "..."
    <japh>    Yes, quite.
    <cow>    amen, brotha.
    <zdog>    ar0n: damn straight.
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    <zdog>    So now what?
    <ar0n>    Now I change my password.

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