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Clunky parsing problem, looking for simple solution

by clintp (Curate)
on Jun 16, 2002 at 01:42 UTC ( #174889=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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       LN  IF X GOTO LN.A
            GOTO LN.B
            GOTO LN.C
       LN.B Z
       LN.C REM 
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    7130 IF B3<>0 THEN PRINT "FROM E TO S":W1=B4:X=B5:GOTO 6920
    9810 IF K$="Y" AND RND(1) <.5 THEN GOTO 9820 ELSE GOTO 9770
    4835 IF V$="K" THEN A$="+K+" ELSE IF V$="M" THEN A$="!M!" ELSE IF V$="
    +R" THEN A$="?R?"
    1850 IF K3=0 AND EX(Q1,Q2)=0 THEN GOTO 8500 ELSE GOSUB 6000
    1800 IF V$="K" THEN A$="+K+" ELSE IF V$="R" THEN A$="?R?" ELSE IF V$="
    +M" THEN A$="!M!":Z1=R1:Z2=R2
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    1800   IF V$="K" THEN GOTO 1800.2
    1800.1 GOTO 1800.4
    1800.b Z1=R1
    1800.c Z2=R2
    1800.d REM

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