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Re: "Correct" program style questions

by Aristotle (Chancellor)
on Oct 26, 2002 at 00:00 UTC ( #208179=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    my ($foo, $bar, $baz, $quux);
    defined && /^([[:alpha:]]+)$/ ? $foo = $1 : taint_fail('foo') for scal
    +ar param('foo');
    defined && /^([[:alpha:]]+)$/ ? $bar = $1 : taint_fail('bar') for scal
    +ar param('bar');
    defined && /^([[:alpha:]]+)$/ ? $baz = $1 : taint_fail('baz') for scal
    +ar param('baz');
    defined && /^([[:alpha:]]+)$/ ? $quux = $1 : taint_fail('quux') for sc
    +alar param('quux');
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    my %check = (
        foo => qr/^([[:alpha:]]+)$/,
        bar => qr/^([[:alpha:]]+)$/,
        defined && /$check{$pname}/ ? $f{$pname} = $1 : untaint_fail($pnam
            for scalar param($pname);

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Node Type: note [id://208179]
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[stevieb]: ...just need to perform many tests and POD review this week, then I'm going to put together some real projects and post about them

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