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Re: Re: Re: Context aware functions - best practices?

by sauoq (Abbot)
on Jan 15, 2003 at 22:47 UTC ( #227258=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    my($x) = foo(...); 
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    my $x = foo(...);
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    my ($x) = split//,"foo";          # $x eq 'f'
    my $x   = split//,"foo";          # $x == 3
    my ($x) = localtime;              # seconds
    my $x   = localtime;              # String like ctime(3) 
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    sub foo { my @a = qw(foo bar); @a } 
    sub bar { my @a = qw(foo bar); wantarray ? @a : $a[0] } 
    my $q  = foo;    # $q == 2     (different information)
    my($r) = bar;    # $r eq 'foo'
    my $s  = bar;    # $s eq 'foo' (same information) 

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Node Type: note [id://227258]
[1nickt]: I note DateTime::Format:: Flexible, announced immediately below this box in the CPAN feed
[Corion]: 1nickt: That one sounds sensible as it will tell you when it found an error
[1nickt]: Throws on error, I believe
[1nickt]: But should handle month as number or word
[TCLion]: I am breaking down the line and putting the date in the correct order during output
[TCLion]: at least that's the plan
[1nickt]: Corion this looks good, from the pod: "there are 9000+ variations that are detected correctly in the test files (see t/data/* for most of them). If you can think of any that I do not cover, please let me know."
[TCLion]: some moron put the date like this : Mon Feb 20 09:31:30 2017
[Corion]: 1nickt: Yes, the module sounds promising indeed
[1nickt]: "putting the date in correct order" how?

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