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Re: Re: Perl Idioms Explained - keys %{{map{$_=>1}@list}}

by Jenda (Abbot)
on Aug 06, 2003 at 14:24 UTC ( #281412=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    Benchmark: timing 100000 iterations of broquaint, grep_seen, aristotle
    +, juerd...
     broquaint: 25 wallclock secs (21.62 usr +  0.01 sys = 21.63 CPU) @ 46
    +22.99/s (n=100000)
     grep_seen: 12 wallclock secs (11.55 usr +  0.00 sys = 11.55 CPU) @ 86
    +60.26/s (n=100000)
     aristotle: 10 wallclock secs ( 9.05 usr +  0.00 sys =  9.05 CPU) @ 11
    +044.84/s (n=100000)
         juerd:  9 wallclock secs ( 8.66 usr +  0.00 sys =  8.66 CPU) @ 11
    +543.35/s (n=100000)
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    my @list = qw/a b c d d a e b a b d e f a erti wen udfgn
     wei sdej usdjdh iu t k a b b b b a a a a c d  f e f s r s
     gkl h u s y t d s w s d log u log ds/;

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