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Data files in a .par file

by BooK (Curate)
on Jan 13, 2005 at 15:55 UTC ( #422008=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    package Bam::Kapow;
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    Message of the day: PAR rules!
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    Well, I have this minor issue with PAR...
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    use Bam::Kapow;
    print "Using Bam::Kapow version $Bam::Kapow::VERSION\n";
    print "MOTD: $Bam::Kapow::Info{motd}\n";
    print "Got Bam::Kapow from $INC{'Bam/'}\n";
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    $ find lib/Bam/Kapow/ -type f > bam_kapow.lst</tt>
    $ pp -o script.exe -A bam_kapow.lst -I lib
    MOTD: Message of the day: PAR rules!
    Got Bam::Kapow from /tmp/par-ufwk/cache-e73b24e48419250052360127de57a0
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    use PAR;
    print "Using Bam::Kapow version $Bam::Kapow::VERSION\n";
    print "MOTD: $Bam::Kapow::Info{motd}\n";
    print "Got Bam::Kapow from $INC{'Bam/'}\n";
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    $ zip -r Bam-Kapow.par lib
      adding: lib/ (stored 0%)
    ls /tmp/par-ufwk/cache-51eaa99df530ab0d3b760931a92bb43c/
  8. or download this
    $ pp -o Bam-Kapow.par -p -M Bam::Kapow -A bam_kapow.lst -I lib -e 1
    $ perl
    Using Bam::Kapow version 0.01
    Got Bam::Kapow from /tmp/par-ufwk/cache-51eaa99df530ab0d3b760931a92bb4

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[Spenser]: It's a stripped down version on a NAS device.
[Spenser]: It's frustrating
[Spenser]: Perl 5.10.0
[Spenser]: It uses opkg to install software
[choroba]: 5.10.1 would be much better
[shmem]: there are so many ways thinkable to fix that situation, some feasible and some not, that I'm unable to give good advice.
[Spenser]: I installed 5.22 with opkg. I can use it with cpan. I'm actually trying to install perl-DBD-mysql, but couldn't with it. So I went back to the factory version, 5.10.
[Spenser]: So, nevermind about CPAN. I give up on the downgraded angle. I'm back to fighting to install DBD.
[shmem]: please open a SoPW. At what point is the perl-DBD-mysql installation failing?
[shmem]: do you have the mysqlclient libs on that device, for instance?

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