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No such thing as a small change

references quick reference (Re: push)

by tye (Sage)
on Jan 31, 2001 at 00:09 UTC ( #55329=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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        $scalar      ${$sRef}
        @array       @{$aRef}
        %hash        %{$hRef}
        $hash{KEY}   ${$hRef}{KEY}
        @hash{@list} @{$hRef}{@list}
  2. or download this
        $scalar      $$sRef
        @array       @$aRef
        %hash        %$hRef
        $hash{KEY}   $$hRef{KEY}
        @hash{@list} @$hRef{@list}
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        $array[0]    $aRef->[0]
        $hash{KEY}   $hRef->{KEY}
  4. or download this
        ${$aRef->[0]}[1]    $aRef->[0]->[1]   $aRef->[0][1]
        ${$aRef->[0]}{KEY}  $aRef->[0]->{KEY} $aRef->[0]{KEY}
        ${$hRef->{KEY}}[1]  $hRef->{KEY}->[1] $hRef->{KEY}[1]
        ${$hRef->{A}}{B}    $hRef->{A}->{B}   $hRef->{A}{B}

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