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Re: Perl/Tk Chatterbox Client

by chipmunk (Parson)
on Feb 01, 2001 at 03:42 UTC ( #55603=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    # URL to use for links into perlmonks & cpan
    my($perlmonksURL_base) = '';
    my($perlmonksURL_node) = '';
    my($perlmonksURL_id)   = '';
    my($perlmonksURL_cpan) = '
  2. or download this
        printMessage("\n*Launching browser for node $node...");
        if    ($node =~ s/^id:\/\///)   { $url = $perlmonksURL_id   . $nod
    +e; }
        elsif ($node =~ s/^node_id=//)  { $url = $perlmonksURL_id   . $nod
    +e; }
        elsif ($node =~ /^http:/)       { $url = $node;                   
    +   }
        elsif ($node =~ s/^\/+//)       { $url = $perlmonksURL_base . $nod
    +e; }
        else                            { $url = $perlmonksURL_node . $nod
    +e; }

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Node Type: note [id://55603]
[Corion]: But if you are parsing CSV, again, let me point to Text::CSV_XS, which you should use instead
[hippo]: +1 for Text::CSV_XS
[ovedpo15]: Im not allowed to use additional modules, so I can't use it. looking for a simple regex to do this task though..
[Corion]: Ah, so this is homework? Then most likely, you should review your course material closer. It would greatly surprise me if the course material wouldn't mention the topics that will be used in the homework...
[Corion]: I already showed you the simple regex to match the last part of a string without a comma in it
[Tux]: Corion++ hippo++
[ovedpo15]: it isn't homework. its a module I use at work. The process to add additional module isn't worth it. p.s never heard a university course which teach perl
[marto]: there are many, to this day.
[ovedpo15]: @Corion Yes I use the regex you showed me. its very good regex. although now i need to know that substring unit that comma

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