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Yet Another Rosetta Code Problem (Perl, Ruby, Python, Haskell, ...)

by eyepopslikeamosquito (Chancellor)
on Aug 12, 2007 at 07:35 UTC ( #632023=perlmeditation: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    my $s = "ZBBBCZZ";
    my @x;
    push @x, $1 while $s =~ /((.)\2*)/g;
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    s = "ZBBBCZZ"
    x = []
    s.scan(/((.)\2*)/){x.push [$~[0]]}
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    import itertools
    s = "ZBBBCCZZ"
    x = [''.join(g) for k, g in itertools.groupby(s)]
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    group "ZBBBCCZZ"

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