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Lady_Aleena's scratchpad

by Lady_Aleena (Deacon)
on Sep 07, 2007 at 20:54 UTC ( #637756=scratchpad: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    use strict;
        }, { 'heading' => [2, $alpha, { 'id'=> "section_$alpha" }] });
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    use strict;
    "Maybe this year they got all of their shopping done early or online."
    + she said out loud to herself.
    She was able to park in a visitor's spot when she got to her building 
    +because the office was closed for the holidays. She hummed the carols
    + that she would be singing that night with her church choir in town w
    +hile swiping her access card to get in the front door. When she was i
    +nside, she couldn't help but break out into actual song. She stopped 
    +for a moment when she saw that the security desk wasn't manned. She s
    +ighed somewhat sadly when she remembered a memo going out to the empl
    +oyees that there would be layoffs, but those weren't going to happen 
    +until after the new year. She looked inside her bags for an untagged 
    +generic gift she could leave for the officers that had to work that n
    +ight. She placed the two little green and red boxes on the security d
    +esk and pushed the button on the elevator.
    She got to her office in a few minutes. It was a little chilly in the 
    +building because the company usually turned all the thermostats back 
    +to 50 degrees before the holidays to save on the electric bills. This
    + year it seemed that they may have turned the heat off completely. Sh
    +e then realized that the lights had been turned off in the parking lo
    +t too. She shook off these off occurrences as she distributed little 
    +token gifts to all the cubicles in the room. Mostly she bought pens a
    +nd post-its, but she always added her own little flourish to the gift
    +s so that the recipients would always get a little smile whenever the
    +y used the mundane items she bought them. Taking as little time as po
    +ssible, she got back to the elevator and through the still empty lobb
    +y. She looked at the monitors again. The guards must be doing rounds 
    +where there were no cameras she thought.
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    use strict;
    This is a list of BBSs which I used to frequent or just know about. I 
    +am not sure any still exist. My accounts on those I frequented have p
    +robably lapsed.
    & bbss
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    use strict;
    They all left the city-sized caves where they were imprisoned with a d
    +eep resentment for the clergy of Miskel, but not Miskel herself, and 
    +magic users in general. The twargs and zardans have great animosity t
    +owards the Church of Miskel. Even the dark centraurs who fought with 
    +the priests and clerics keep themselves aloof from them. All of the n
    +ew races hate the dark centaurs to the point where the dark centaurs 
    +are the species enemy to them all.
    The zardans are the most successful of all of the races. Since they ar
    +e part human, they can reproduce with humans. They rule Zilarb, the s
    +outhernmost nation in the Acrema Empire, and some southern parts of A
    +bru, the eastern island nation in The Acrama Empire.
    STRONG<Note:> Triador is a campaign world I began creating and may one
    + day put something of it up. Until then, you can use any evil god or 
    +goddess in place of Miskel.
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    use strict;
    * I<Literature|^hardcover^> by James H. Pickering and Jeffery D. Hoepe
    2 Authors I like
    & authors
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    my $noon = 12:00;
      'evening'   => { 'begin' => $dusk - 1, 'end' => $dusk + 1},
      'night'     => { 'begin' => $dusk + 1, 'end' => $dawn}

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