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    use integer;@A=split//,<>;sub R{for$i(0..80){next if$A[$i];my%t=map{$_
    +R($A[$i]=$_)for grep{!$t{$_}}1..9;return$A[$i]=0}die@A}R
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     * Original Eccles & Toad solution (slightly modified)
     * Mark Byers reduced it to 187 bytes
     * Simon Stroh changed @A=split//,<> to $/=\1;@A=<> to reduce the prog
    +ram to 179 bytes
     * Mitsuru Kariya changed @A[map{ ... }]  to map@A[ ... ] to reduce th
    +e program to 178 bytes
     * Ton Hospel shortened the program to 121 bytes
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