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PGA Golf, Round 1 - Results

by jmcnamara (Monsignor)
on Jun 01, 2001 at 02:14 UTC ( #84767=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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      sub hole{(pop=~/\w+/g)[4]} # 16
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    Can't find label TPC at -e line 5.
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      perl -e"die qq{Can't find label TPC at -e line 5.\n}"     # 53
      perl -e'#line 5' -e'goto TPC'                             # 29
      perl -e'#line 5' -egoto+TPC                               # 27
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    perl -e"
    goto TPC"
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       input       output
      'aaaaaa'     'a'
      'ababab'     'ab'
      'aabaab'     'aab'
      'ababaa'     ''
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      sub hole{pop=~/^(.+?)\1+$/;$1} #20
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      ('P', 'e', 'r', 'l', ' ', 'h', 'a', 'c', 'k', 'e', 'r')
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      sub hole{grep$_=$_&&chr hex,split/(..)/,pop}  # 34
      sub hole{(pack'H*',@_)=~/./g}                 # 19
      sub hole{$_=pack'H*',@_;/./g}                 # 19
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      sub hole{$m=pop;$m=($m,$_)[$m<$_]for@_;$m}    # 32
      sub hole{$m=pop;$_>$m&&($m=$_)for@_;$m}       # 29
      sub hole{$m=pop;$_>$m?$m=$_:1for@_;$m}        # 28
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       e.g.:     hole('dog', 'cat', 'fish', 'duck', 'lemur')
       returns:  ('cat', 'lemur', 'fish', 'dog', 'duck')
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      sub hole{map{$_->[0]}sort{$a->[1]cmp$b->[1]}map{[$_,m/[aeiou]/g]}@_}
    + # 58 
      sub hole{map{substr$_,1}sort map{/[aeiou]/;$&.$_}@_}          # 42
      sub hole{map/.(.+)/,sort map/[aeiou]/&&$&.$_,@_}              # 38

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