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Re: Modern Perl: The Book: The Draft

by hbm (Hermit)
on Sep 21, 2010 at 18:44 UTC ( #861131=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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        # a poor regex
        my $hot_meal = qr/hot.*meal/;
        say 'Found a hot meal!' if 'I have a hot meal' =~ $hot_meal;
        say 'Found a hot meal!'
             if 'I did some one-shot, piecemeal work!' =~ $hot_meal;
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        my $minimal_greedy_match = qr/hot.*?meal/;
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        say 'Found a hot meal' if 'ilikeahotmeal' =~ /$minimal_greedy_matc
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        my $minimal_greedy_at_least_one = qr/hot.+?meal/;
        unlike( 'ilikeahotmeal', $minimal_greedy_at_least_one );
        like( 'i like a hot meal', $minimal_greedy_at_least_one );
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        my $seven_down = qr/\Al${letters_only}{2}m\Z/;
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        my $seven_down = qr/\bl${letters_only}{2}m\b/;

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