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For the latest news on what's happening in the Perl world, check out these sites:

If you have a Perl-related news item you'd like to share, you may post it in the Perl News section. Please try to avoid duplicating news; but pointers (with summaries) to important stories on other sites are acceptable here.

Perl News
Hacktoberfest 2017
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by marto
on Sep 28, 2017 at 05:36

    Hacktobergest 2017 is upon us. Have fun, flex your mental muscles and earn glory (well, a t shirt an some stickers) for successful contributions to appropriately tagged issues. Guidance for maintainers and contributors can be found here.

    Search for Perl issues flagged Hacktoberfest.

    Update: fixed typo, added some text. Added search link.

Automated CPAN Testers reporting on Mac OS X available
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by 1nickt
on Sep 22, 2017 at 13:29

    Hi all, I'm offering a (free) service to CPAN module authors who may be wanting more (or more rapid) CPAN Testers test reporting on CPAN modules installed on Mac OS X.

    I've become frustrated with that myself, so I installed all 43 versions of Perl through 5.27.4, using Perlbrew of course, and now I can install, test, and file test results report on a module for all versions with:

    $ perlbrew exec -- 'cpanm -q Foo::Bar && cpanm-reporter'

    Of course you can do this yourself on any OS (and you should). I'm only testing on the Mac OS X version I have installed (10.11.6 "Yosemite"), and Mac testing platforms are sadly lacking, so if you are running an older OS X please consider setting up at least the most recent stable subversion of the last few major versions and helping out. It's a pretty cool feeling watching the test reports go out.

    And if you are working on a module and want to get Mac OS X test reports into the CPAN Testers matrix quickly, send me a private message here and I'll run the tests on it. Be sure it's going to pass though, as the results are sent in either way!

    Update, corrected name of the CPAN service, thanks hippo.

    The way forward always starts with a minimal test.
New crowdfunded eBook on how to get started with Perl Dancer
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by Happy-the-monk
on Sep 20, 2017 at 03:36

    Gabor Szabo has plans for a brand new eBook on how to get started with Perl Dancer.
    He set up an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for it.

    So if you want to see this happen and are at ease to chuck in some money
    and maybe catch a perk, or if you just want to sneak a peek, here's the link.

    Cheers, Sören

    Créateur des bugs mobiles - let loose once, run everywhere.
    (hooked on the Perl Programming language)

Sparrow scripts to ease aws operations
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by melezhik
on Sep 08, 2017 at 07:12

    Hi! Recently I've started to learn aws technology, especially how to automate the processes of launching ec2 instances by aws cli.

    Here are some useful wrappers for aws cli for some typical cases, where you don't have to remember all the necessary parameters but rather than that just use "mnemonic" sparrow tasks -

    For the moment the are a few wrappers here, not that much, but I'm going to add more staff soon.

    PS> For those who're unfamiliar with - Sparrow - is a scripting platform allow to develop and run scripts at most any Linux OS, by using CLI written on Perl5.

[Perl6] just got seriously faster
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by Tux
on Aug 05, 2017 at 06:55

    Oké, it is still not as fast as perl5 (in parsing CSV), but 10% speed gain is (very) good.

    Cheers to all people that worked on the code to achieve this. Still way to go, but we're well on our way.

    Check out the speed graphs and the comparison to other languages and rejoice.

    Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn
berrybrew, the Perlbrew for Windows v1.15 released
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by stevieb
on Jul 28, 2017 at 18:33

    I've released berrybrew version 1.15.

    All of the credit for this update goes to pryrt who went far above and beyond with this PR. It's a pleasure to have him contributing to this (or any) project.

    The significant change here is the addition of the use command. I feel that this addition adds tremendous value to the software, and makes it much easier to use.

    This allows you to temporarily switch to one of your other installed Perl instances either in the same command window or new ones without switching your currently switched to one. Here are some examples:

    Temporarily use a different installed version, in the same window. Typing exit will return you to your previous environment within the same window:

    c:\>berrybrew use 5.10.1_32 Perl-5.10.1_32 ============== Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393] (c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. <berrybrew use 5.10.1_32>: run "exit" leave this environment c:\>

    Calling exit returns you to your previous environment within the same CLI window.

    You can also use multiple versions within the same window. Using this method will cascade the instances:

    c:\>berrybrew use 5.10.1_32,5.8.9_32 Perl-5.10.1_32 ============== Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393] (c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. <berrybrew use 5.10.1_32>: run "exit" leave this environment c:\>exit Exiting <berrybrew use 5.10.1_32> Perl-5.8.9_32 ============== Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393] (c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. <berrybrew use 5.8.9_32>: run "exit" leave this environment c:\>exit Exiting <berrybrew use 5.8.9_32> c:\>

    Let's actually pop up a couple of new windows instead of using the one you're currently using:

    c:\>berrybrew use --win 5.8.9_32,5.10.1_32 berrybrew use 5.8.9_32: spawned in new command window berrybrew use 5.10.1_32: spawned in new command window c:\>
    # first new window <berrybrew use Perl-5.8.9_32> c:\>
    # second new window <berrybrew use Perl-5.10.1_32> c:\>

    I can't exactly show you the output without a screenshot, but I'm sure you get the gist. You can continue working in your main window, but execute things in the other two who have the respective version of Perl loaded and ready to go.

    pryrt, I can't thank you enough for all of the hard work you've put into this. I mean, not just the new feature, but cleaning up erroneous whitespace, completely enhancing the whole test framework, updating the docs and meticulously adding tests while fully and completely explaining everything clearly. Cheers!

berrybrew, the Perlbrew for Windows v1.13 released
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by stevieb
on Jul 15, 2017 at 11:38

    I've released berrybrew version 1.13.

    The most notable change is the addition of the register command, which allows you to copy/move existing Strawberry Perl portable editions from your local/remote systems and have them operate as custom instances within berrybrew. Before registering a new instance:

    > berrybrew available The following Strawberry Perls are available: 5.26.0_64 5.26.0_64_PDL 5.26.0_32 5.24.1_64 [installed] * 5.24.1_64_PDL 5.24.1_32 5.22.3_64 5.22.3_64_PDL 5.22.3_32 5.20.3_64 5.20.3_64_PDL 5.20.3_32 5.18.4_64 5.18.4_32 5.16.3_64 5.16.3_32 5.14.4_64 5.14.4_32 5.12.3_32 5.10.1_32 5.8.9_32 * Currently using

    Now, copy your new instance into the instance directory (by default c:/berrybrew), then register it. I've used new_instance as the example instance directory in this case:

    > berrybrew register new_instance > berrybrew available The following Strawberry Perls are available: 5.26.0_64 5.26.0_64_PDL 5.26.0_32 5.24.1_64 [installed] * 5.24.1_64_PDL 5.24.1_32 5.22.3_64 5.22.3_64_PDL 5.22.3_32 5.20.3_64 5.20.3_64_PDL 5.20.3_32 5.18.4_64 5.18.4_32 5.16.3_64 5.16.3_32 5.14.4_64 5.14.4_32 5.12.3_32 5.10.1_32 5.8.9_32 new_instance [custom] [installed] * Currently using

    That instance can now be used under berrybrew.

    Other notable changes:

    • pryrt sent in a very large pull request that did a sweeping overhaul on the unit test framework which makes it much more flexible and reliable (thanks!)
    • added new exception handling for certain edge cases
    • documentation updates
    • closing of several minor issues

    Here's the full list of available commands:

    > berrybrew berrybrew <command> [subcommand] [option] available List available Strawberry Perl versions and which are +installed clean * Remove all temporary berrybrew files clone Make a complete copy of a Perl installation config Add berrybrew to your PATH exec * Run a command for every installed Strawberry Perl fetch Update the list of Strawberry Perl instances available install Download, extract and install a Strawberry Perl off Disable berrybrew perls (use 'switch' to re-enable) register Manually register a custom installation directory remove Uninstall a Strawberry Perl switch Switch to use a different Strawberry Perl unconfig Remove berrybrew from PATH upgrade Performs a safe upgrade. Requires Git installed help Display this help screen license Show berrybrew license version Displays the version * - view subcommand details with 'berrybrew <command> help'
Outthentic significant release - version 0.3.0
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by melezhik
on Jul 10, 2017 at 09:29



    1. Check files are now optional. Priorly to this version one would have had to create empty chef files in case they didn't need script's checking which was quite awkward :)).
    2. The documentation has been improved. Hopefully it has become more clear and to the point.
    3. Meta stories have been demolished and meta.txt files "became" just a stories' headers.

    -- Regards


Perl5 plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1.3 released: formatting, Mojo, Moose, Exception::Class, Class::Accessor
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by hurricup
on Jul 07, 2017 at 15:40


    • Formatter:
      • IMPORTANT: incompatible changes. Some options been removed or merged. Was not possible to migrate automatically. Please, check code style settings before formatting
      • Added option to align strings in QW lists
      • Added option to control spacing within QW lists
      • Added option to align fat commas
      • Added option to align ternary expressions operators
      • Added option to align -> in chained dereferences
      • Added options for braces position in subs, namespaces and compound statements
      • Comma is no longer wrapped to the next line
      • Several minor fixes and improvements
    • Implemented Exception::Class module support, #848
    • Restored and improved Class::Accessor support, #1395
    • Mojolicious helpers parsing been re-worked. Should work better now
    • Mojolicious attributes are now supported
    • Moose attributes works again, plugin now understands all declarations generated by single has statement.
    • You are now able to use a single -bareword argument in use statement, like use Mojo::Base -strict;
    • Recursive inheritance inspection is now available (again)
    • Annotations works with all new implemented features (Moose, Mojo, Exception::Class, Constants)


    • printf FH is now parsed properly. By nazarov-yuriy.
    • Suppressed lexing of &~ as non-existing internal variable. #1449
    • Resolve of dereference chain if comment is inside it, #1483
    • Parsing confusion with archaic package format, #1506
    • Resolve of fancy calls and objects methods constructed in fancy manner my $obj = new Foo::Bar();, #1471
    • Empty POD node should not appear in file structure anymore
    • Created a lot of tests for plugin and fixed a lot of minor bugs


Videos of talks from YAPC::NA 2017 / The Perl Conference (TPC) 2017
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by Corion
on Jul 06, 2017 at 04:57
TPCiA: Deadline extended
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by choroba
on Jul 05, 2017 at 13:16
    The deadline for the Call for Papers is extended until 8 July 23:59:59 Europe/Amsterdam.

    See you there!

    ($q=q:Sq=~/;[c](.)(.)/;chr(-||-|5+lengthSq)`"S|oS2"`map{chr |+ord }map{substrSq`S_+|`|}3E|-|`7**2-3:)=~y+S|`+$1,++print+eval$q,q,a,
Because CPAN Needs More Templating Modules
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by tobyink
on Jun 24, 2017 at 17:34

    Why learn a whole new language for templating when you already know a perfectly good one? This isn't the first module that allows you to embed Perl in your templates, but it's yet another one.

    use Types::Standard -types; use Template::Compiled; my $template = Template::Compiled->new( signature => [ name => Str, age => Int->plus_coercions(Num, sub { int $_ } ), ], template => '<p>Hi <?= $name ?>. You are <?= $age ?> years old.</p +>', escape => 'html', ); # The number will be rounded. # The ampersand will be escaped properly. # print $template->( name => 'Alice & Bob', age => 45.1 );

    Template::Compiled on MetaCPAN.

The Perl Conference Newsletter
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by davido
on Jun 07, 2017 at 11:40

    In this issue:

    • Sunday Arrival Dinner
    • Tuesday Night Social: Get to know your fellow attendees!
    • Tutorials spaces still available
    • Call for Speakers: Lightning Talks
    • Call for Volunteers

    Arrival Dinner - Sunday June 18

    Arrangements have been made with Zikrayet Restaurant and Lounge to host a large crowd for The Perl Conference Arrival Dinner.

    Given the nature of the place, it will be possible to make this event more of a come and hang out destination than we've been able to have in past years. Just the same we have an official time of 6pm set for the dinner so everyone can have a common plan for arrival.

    This is an arrivals dinner but not necessarily the arrivals dinner. It's also a tradition that others who prefer smaller crowds and/or a more vegan-friendly menu organize an Alt Arrival Dinner.

    For more information, or to note your intended attendance, please visit:

    For more information on the Alt Arrival Dinner:

    Tuesday Night Social

    This year we are continuing the very successful event established in Orlando last year, instead of the big banquet of years before. We will still be having a social at 6 pm with appetizers and drinks. After a long day of following your favorite track come say hello to friends from far and near over a glass of wine or a pint of beer!


    There’s still time to sign up! Some tutorials have very limited space, so sign up today! If you’ve already purchased your Conference pass, you can still add tutorials by logging in and making a separate purchase. The available tutorials are:

    • John Anderson - Perl in a Day - Sunday 6/18, $50
    • Dave Rolsky - Introduction to Moose - Sunday 6/18, $150
    • Randal Schwartz - Perl Second Best Practices - Sunday 6/18 (half day), $125
    • Ricardo Signes - Unicode and Associated Punishments - Sunday 6/18 (half day), $100
    • Mark Jason Dominus - Advanced Parsing Techniques - Thursday 6/22, $75
    • Mark Jason Dominus - Higher Order Perl - Thursday 6/22, $75
    • David Golden - MongoDB with Perl - Thursday 6/22, $99
    • Damian Conway - New Perl - Thursday 6/22, $150
    • Damian Conway - Parsing with Perl 6 Regexes and Grammars - Thursday 6/23, $150

    Call for Speakers: Lightning Talks

    This year there are THREE sessions of lightning talks! Each will have about 10 Lightning Talks of 5 minutes each.

    These Lightning Talks may be serious, funny, or both. They may be given by experienced speakers already giving full length talks or by first time speakers just starting out (this is a great way to get started if you have something to say). If you are a first time speaker you will win a tie with an experience speaker when the schedule is made if it comes to it. Today's first time speaker could be tomorrow's keynote speaker.

    In addition to the five minute Lightning Talks where you get to use your computer, slides, and any other tool, we will also have some Lightning Advertisements. These are only 30 seconds, you don't have to submit a proposal, you don't get any slides, and the only AV assistance offered is a microphone. If you have a BOF to announce or any other short message you can use the transition time that would be otherwise wasted between Lightning Talks to share your message. Just show up before we start and take a seat in the assigned seats in the front of the room.

    Submit your talk here:

    Call for Volunteers

    Volunteer Registration Form Here:

    Setup / Cleanup Crew

    On Sunday, we will need volunteers to assist with unboxing materials, placing signs, setting up AV equipment, preparing registration area, and working to make the area aesthetically pleasing. There will be a lot of odd jobs that need to be done.

    On Thursday and Friday, we will need to go through everything that is left over, box it, and ship it out.

    Room Moderator

    The Moderator will be assigned a room for the day (only during breakout sessions). Their responsibility is to introduce each speaker prior to their talk. They work with the Videographer to ensure talks do not start until the videography team is ready to record. They also ensure that their room keeps to the schedule, cuing the speaker to end their talk as necessary. They will provide any special announcements between talks as instructed by the organizer staff.


    Each room will have a Videographer, who reports to the Videography Team leader. They are responsible for recording the talks in their assigned room (except where the speaker has opted-out of being recorded).

    Assistant Videographer

    Performs tasks as assigned by the videographer. Acts as a runner if something is needed in the room.

    Registration Desk

    Assists people with checking in. Serves as an information desk attendant. Assists attendees with retail purchases.


Perl5 plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1.2 released. Perl 5.26 support and more
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by hurricup
on Jun 07, 2017 at 03:52


    • Plugin now uses debugger module v2017.1x
    • Better comments parsing in char classes and \Q...\E quotes in regexps
    • Better POSIX chars classes parsing
    • Perl 5.26 syntax support:
      • /xx regexp modifier
      • Lexing and parsing for lexical subs. NB: for now there is no proper resolving for them. Works as usual subs. Please, see #1439
      • Indentable here-docs
      • References declarations
      • ^CAPTURE and ^CAPTURE_ALL variables
      • Perl settings now allows You to choose target Perl version. In case 5.26 is selected, resolve won't check current directory while resolving packages.


    • Lexing of short bare here-doc openers. By tonegz
    • Lexing of $( and $) inside the match part of regexp. #1435
    • Indentation of here-docs with selection and tab
    • Completion of packages in current directory (prior to 5.26)


Strawberry Perl 5.26.0 released
1 direct reply — Read more / Contribute
by stevieb
on Jun 05, 2017 at 09:01

    Details here.

    For berrybrew users, if you have version 1.12 (berrybrew version) installed, you can automatically import the new release by running the berrybrew fetch command.

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