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Perl Poetry

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"Poetry" is in the eye of the beholder; it could be any of:
  • Poetry written in Perl
  • Using perl to generate poetry
  • Poetry about Perl/PerlMonks
New Poems
Method to my $madness
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by stevieb
on Apr 09, 2012 at 15:24
    Back in the day,
    I was unable to say(),
    I had to print() everything to find the err of my ways,
    but things changed,
    and now I can return(),
    to the main() program of life,
    where nearly everything burns,
    I'm not rapping this on a mic,
    I'm just writing to be free,
    before I have to split(),
    and perform other tasks that bore me.
    So I grab my map(),
    and put two and two together,
    hashing into keys the locations,
    that I can remember,
    but I've %seen these places,
    now what do I do?,
    I pick a rand()om place that none of us have ever been to,
    but the rules are strict,
    I keep getting warnings,
    something about being literal when I'm trying to be corny,
    but I'm out of the ord()inary,
    I'm a chr()acter in reverse(),
    I know what Larry wanted,
    but my linguistics are the worst,
    this is freeverse,
    I DESTROY()ed the English language,
    I just hope I get eval()uated to true,
    before I die() and then get laughed at,
    but it isn't like that,
    all I seek() is some closure,
    I'm not an array of elements trying to get sort()ed into order,
    I'm random,
    I try to please for() each(),
    it's like a disease,
    I've thrown away all the keys(),
    I write in these confinements,
    it's a very strict type of squeeze.
    The warnings teach me lessons,
    correct my spelling and my messes,
    but if Larry's crew would finish Perl6,
    to my $madness I'd have methods.
    - stevieb 20120409

    Copied from my blog post.

Blue Perl
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by Joe_
on Apr 02, 2012 at 18:40

    I'm new to the whole Perl poetry thing here, so bear with me. I'm a big fan of 'Black Perl', so here is 'Blue Perl':

    package in; split my $_=fork, pop and wait; for my $passion (@to_terminate) { map {my $body} ($through and $through); shift @me,'oh'..'so close to you!'; } listen 'closer',$_ foreach $breath; kill $me,'with that little death'; "What's the meaning of this rhyme"? 'You will come to learn in' : time; if (our $little_code) {'is_run'}; 'Then the two'. $will_be.'as', 1;
    EDIT: Some changes made according to suggestions from tobyink. Also, couldn't resist adding "package" to that! :)
Party rock is in the house!
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by petdance
on Mar 29, 2012 at 15:44
    0 0 * * * /usr/bin/perl -MList::Util=shuffle -le'print for shuffle @AR +GV' Every day "I'm" "shufflin'"


how i (re-)learned to stop worrying and love my life
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by xyzzy
on Mar 21, 2012 at 14:44

    $,=qq.\n.;print q.\/\/____\/.,q./\ \ / / \\.,q.    /_/__.,q..
    Happy, sober, smart: pick two.
Taijitu ... the ultimate symbol of power
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by zentara
on Mar 21, 2012 at 08:00
    Sometimes a picture is better than 10,000 words. screenshot

    P.S. If anyone knows how to rotate the entire Cairo surface, please show me. $cr->rotate( PI/6 ); dosn't seem to work.

    #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Cairo; use constant { IMG_WIDTH => 480, IMG_HEIGHT => 480, PI => 3.1416 }; die "png backend not supported" unless (Cairo::HAS_PNG_FUNCTIONS); my $png = "$0.png"; my $surf = Cairo::ImageSurface->create ('rgb24', IMG_WIDTH, IMG_HEIGHT +); my $cr = Cairo::Context->create ($surf); # to avoid a bit of angular confusion... :-) # arc angles are measured from 0 on the x-axis, and angles are # measured clockwise. So the usual 90 degree position is 3*PI/2. # There is a negative arc function, see the perldoc for Cairo. # In other words, the positive y axis is directed downward #left $cr->arc (IMG_WIDTH/2, IMG_HEIGHT/2, IMG_WIDTH/2, 3*PI/2, PI/2); $cr->set_source_rgb (1, 1, 1); $cr->fill; #right $cr->arc (IMG_WIDTH/2, IMG_HEIGHT/2, IMG_WIDTH/2, PI/2, 3*PI/2); $cr->set_source_rgb (0, 0, 0); $cr->fill; #top semicircle $cr->arc (IMG_WIDTH/2, 3*IMG_HEIGHT/4, IMG_HEIGHT/4, 3*PI/2, PI/2); $cr->set_source_rgb (0, 0, 0); $cr->fill; #bottom semicircle $cr->arc (IMG_WIDTH/2, IMG_HEIGHT/4, IMG_HEIGHT/4, PI/2 , 3*PI/2 ); $cr->set_source_rgb (1, 1, 1); $cr->fill; #encompassing boundary $cr->arc (IMG_WIDTH/2, IMG_HEIGHT/2, IMG_WIDTH/2, 0, 2*PI); $cr->set_source_rgb (1, 1, 1); $cr->stroke; # opposite kernels # top $cr->arc (IMG_WIDTH/2, IMG_HEIGHT/4, IMG_WIDTH/20, 0, 2*PI); $cr->set_source_rgb (0, 0, 0); $cr->fill; #bottom $cr->arc (IMG_WIDTH/2, 3*IMG_HEIGHT/4, IMG_HEIGHT/20, 0, 2*PI); $cr->set_source_rgb (1, 1, 1); $cr->fill; $surf->write_to_png ($png); system ("display $png"); # requires ImageMagick to be installed

    I'm not really a human, but I play one on earth.
    Old Perl Programmer Haiku ................... flash japh
Hmm... Hmm...
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by chacham
on Mar 19, 2012 at 18:01

    When code is written by the best and the brightest,
    It is likely to be the fastest and the lightest,
    Loops would be the most efficient and tightest,
    And the code would look great overall.

    But if it is written by the rest of us here,
    It may take a little longer for results to appear,
    And some of the logic would not be as clear,
    But it might just work overall.

    The question is then, as you may have guessed,
    Should the writers of code be only the best?
    The answer, of course, is whomever has zest,
    Will always work out overall.

    As long as we admit, we don't know it all,
    (Unless you're a Larry, known as a Wall,)
    And code for the answer the call,
    We ought to be better overall.

    [3/22/2012 fixed typo in last stanza.]

High on PCrack
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by stevieb
on Mar 05, 2012 at 23:47
    I spit rhymes fast,
    I'm a poet and a rapper,
    street linguistics I've mastered,
    but then I stumbled onto Perl,
    and became formality's disaster,
    it's a catastrophe,
    for me,
    trying to write Perl poetry,
    imagine me,
    trying to write something sane within Wall's linguistic mastery.
    Guttman, you're in the game, 
    chromatic's logic keeps me sane, 
    the love on PerlMonks keeps me doing it all again...
    it became,
    keeping everything in context,
    I almost lost it before I bought this,
    there's more than one way to keep things,
    too many ways keep me from knowing how I want them.
    Remember reading about references,
    back in the day, 
    merlyn's book with Gilligan crushed my understanding in all ways,
    then it clicked,
    and it all came together,
    those references to Gilligan,
    is what I'll forever remember,
    newbs need to read,
    and write mistakes constantly,
    to get past their insanity,
    they must write crappy code and help others,
    even if they doubt their certainty.
    To give up is failure,
    so just show up with code,
    like you're an anonymonk high on crack,
    and be proud knowing,
    you're just another Perl hacker.
A bit short...
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by chacham
on Feb 26, 2012 at 23:12
    I have ~42 writeups! And so i want to say,
    That this is kewl,
    But i'm a fool,
    It just now went away.
Change (my first poem)
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by Pseudomander
on Feb 26, 2012 at 08:50
    $I=%wonder=("What"=> "is", "it"=> "all?"); $I.'thought I had it'."I really did"; 'Turns out I';sub Knew{ "Sub Knew, hah, is that even a term?, I'm coining it"; for ($constantly = (each %wonder)){'is greater than the last'; $shifting == $constantly; $always=($shifting == $shifting); $constantly;} "It's";$Never = ($always==True); 'Yet'; $Never=False; #It can't be, things go... "to"; return $Never; 'just how it is';} #Why!? if ($I==Knew("I'd tell you")) { while ($I='Could'){'...Would you listen?';} }
a TGIF poem ... float or real
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by zentara
on Feb 10, 2012 at 07:43
    I heard this sage advice somewhere, and it bears repeating on a Friday in the midst of a rugged economy ....
    when life conspires against you, and no longer floats your boat don't waste your time with complaining just get on your back and float

    I'm not really a human, but I play one on earth.
    Old Perl Programmer Haiku ................... flash japh

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