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Found 50 nodes roughly between 2017-11-22 and 2015-05-12 (searched 6.45% of DB).

where title contains "90"

Date:Author/owner:Title:Node type:
2017-11-06 sarapaxton903 sarapaxton903's scratchpad SPad
2017-11-06 sarapaxton903 sarapaxton903 User
2017-09-26 jackjons90 jackjons90's scratchpad SPad
2017-08-31 johnadam90 johnadam90's scratchpad SPad
2017-06-12 HAL9000 HAL9000's scratchpad SPad
2017-06-12 HAL9000 HAL9000 User
2017-05-23 karie1990 karie1990's scratchpad SPad
2017-05-23 karie1990 karie1990 User
2017-04-03 TS90 TS90's scratchpad SPad
2017-04-03 TS90 TS90 User
2017-03-21 keppler90 keppler90's scratchpad SPad
2017-03-21 keppler90 keppler90 User
2017-03-19 badv990 badv990's scratchpad SPad
2017-03-19 badv990 badv990 User
2017-01-30 perlnovice1900 perlnovice1900's scratchpad SPad
2017-01-30 perlnovice1900 perlnovice1900 User
2016-11-06 Kwacha3905 Kwacha3905's scratchpad SPad
2016-11-06 Kwacha3905 Kwacha3905 User
2016-09-11 george90s george90s's scratchpad SPad
2016-09-11 george90s george90s User
2016-08-10 Raiden690 Raiden690's scratchpad SPad
2016-08-10 Raiden690 Raiden690 User
2016-07-16 Anonymous Monk Re^2: subroutine for calculating day since 1900 needed Re:SoPW
2016-07-15 ujjwalkr090 ujjwalkr090's scratchpad SPad
2016-07-15 ujjwalkr090 ujjwalkr090 User
2016-06-13 yanka.8590 yanka.8590's scratchpad SPad
2016-06-13 yanka.8590 yanka.8590 User
2016-05-07 Anonymous Monk Re^2: Couldn't start TLS: SSL connect attempt failed with unknown error error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed Re:SoPW
2015-11-11 abhishek1990 abhishek1990's scratchpad SPad
2015-11-11 abhishek1990 abhishek1990 User
2015-09-15 vaid@249013 vaid@249013's scratchpad SPad
2015-09-15 vaid@249013 vaid@249013 User
2015-08-19 Jenny1990 Jenny1990's scratchpad SPad
2015-08-19 Jenny1990 Jenny1990 User
2015-08-16 wang9022 wang9022's scratchpad SPad
2015-08-16 wang9022 wang9022 User
2015-07-16 abhi1390 abhi1390's scratchpad SPad
2015-07-16 abhi1390 abhi1390 User
2015-06-25 jdm2490 jdm2490's scratchpad SPad
2015-06-25 jdm2490 jdm2490 User
2015-06-20 blackperl909 blackperl909's scratchpad SPad
2015-06-20 blackperl909 blackperl909 User
2015-06-20 arkady1990 arkady1990's scratchpad SPad
2015-06-20 arkady1990 arkady1990 User
2015-06-10 uandme90 uandme90's scratchpad SPad
2015-06-10 uandme90 uandme90 User
2015-06-02 pjzero@90 pjzero@90's scratchpad SPad
2015-06-02 pjzero@90 pjzero@90 User
2015-05-12 dprovost1990 dprovost1990's scratchpad SPad
2015-05-12 dprovost1990 dprovost1990 User

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