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Best Nodes of the Day, Week, Month, and Year

Are they really the best nodes? Maybe, maybe not. You be the judge!

Also check out Selected Best Nodes — today's random selection of 50 of the top 2000 nodes of all time.

By the way — Please don't upvote these nodes just because other monks thought they were good. If you do, their node reputations will increase — but then we won't really be showcasing the best nodes.

Best Nodes of The Day

# Node Author Rep
1 Re^3: Moose reading file line by line Corion 26
2 Re: Efficient Automation QM 22
3 Re: Efficient Automation karlgoethebier 21
4 Re: Efficient Automation MidLifeXis 21
5 Re^5: Moose reading file line by line Corion 18
6 Re: Moose reading file line by line Corion 18
7 Re: unable to establish SMTP connection flexvault 16
8 Re: Set a breakpoint in pherkin LanX 16
9 Re: Moose reading big file line by line BillKSmith 15
10 Re: Renaming Every File in a directory Athanasius 14
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Best Nodes of The Week

# Node Author Rep
1 Re: url escape davido 38
2 Re: url escape MidLifeXis 38
3 Re: Seemingly odd issue with push in foreach loops? hdb 37
4 Re: Find the position of substring hdb 37
5 Re^5: Count of Repeated Characters davido 36
6 Re: url escape roboticus 36
7 Re: Seemingly odd issue with push in foreach loops? BrowserUk 35
8 Re: Getting an unknown error QM 35
9 Re: url escape marto 34
10 Re: Bizarre and provocatively irritating cpantester reports mr_mischief 34
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Best Nodes of The Month

# Node Author Rep
1 A Big "Thank You" To Strawberry Perl Folks. Anonymous Monk 47
2 Re: Replace bits choroba 46
3 Re: Pattern matching: Lazy vs. greedy Corion 46
4 Want to make an Everything site of your own? thomas895 45
5 Re: Passing an in memory scalar to an external command as an argument pme 45
6 Re: Undefined value as an ARRAY reference, JSON data afoken 44
7 Re: passing anonymous empty array reference to subroutine choroba 42
8 Re: How do I go from procedural to object oriented programming? jeffa 41
9 Re: Reading and manipulating text files toolic 41
10 Re^2: Data Normalization (homework?) BrowserUk 40
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Best Nodes of The Year

# Node Author Rep
1 The First Ten Perl Monks eyepopslikeamosquito 90
2 Re: Honest question about Perl, Python and Ruby fullermd 69
3 Almost 28 new names for 32 old marks tye 67
4 Re: how does these map statements work frozenwithjoy 62
5 The importance of avoiding the shell jhourcle 60
6 The problem with "The Problem with Threads" BrowserUk 60
7 Re: Getting a result from "foreach" block AppleFritter 60
8 Perl 5.20.0 tobyink 59
9 Re: How realistic is an extended absence? davido 57
10 How realistic is an extended absence? ksublondie 57
11 Re: Code cleanup; how best to deal with: defined(%hash) is deprecated at... davido 57
12 Re: Why aren't perl regular expressions really regular expressions? Corion 56
13 Re: The future of Perl? (The why, and my take.) BrowserUk 55
14 PerlMonks meets Twitter Bootstrap tobyink 55
15 Re: Iterations in regex toolic 55
16 Porting (old) code to something else Tux 54
17 The Boy Scout Rule eyepopslikeamosquito 54
18 Re: Opinion: where Perl5 wasn't attractive for me ikegami 54
19 Re: Programming Jobs, use strict or do not pass go Your Mother 53
20 Re: The importance of avoiding the shell Corion 53
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