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Think about Loose Coupling

Cabal Matrix

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Who's who in the Cabal

User Member of Last Here
ambrus     SiteDocClan     pmdev    8 minutes ago
GrandFather         janitors pmdev    8 minutes ago
davido   QandAEditors SiteDocClan   janitors pmdev pollsters  12 minutes ago
yitzchak gods
see also
             3 hours ago
LanX           pmdev    4 hours ago
stonecolddevin           pmdev    9 hours ago
Albannach           pmdev    9 hours ago
MidLifeXis       power users        10 hours ago
Corion gods
QandAEditors SiteDocClan power users janitors pmdev    10 hours ago
mirod                11 hours ago
jdporter   QandAEditors SiteDocClan     pmdev   pedagogues11 hours ago
Arunbear   QandAEditors SiteDocClan   janitors pmdev pollsters pedagogues13 hours ago
ww     SiteDocClan     pmdev    13 hours ago
marto       power users        14 hours ago
Co-Rion gods
see also
             14 hours ago
tye gods
    power users janitors pmdev    17 hours ago
shmem     SiteDocClan     pmdev   pedagogues22 hours ago
N-Wing           pmdev    1 day ago
cavac   QandAEditors            4 days ago
dfaure     SiteDocClan     pmdev    5 days ago
ELISHEVA     SiteDocClan     pmdev    5 days ago
cLive ;-)           pmdev    7 days ago
footpad       power users   pmdev    1 week ago
belg4mit           pmdev    1 week ago
gryphon         janitors pmdev pollsters  1 week ago
ysth gods
QandAEditors SiteDocClan power users janitors pmdev pollsters pedagogues1 week ago
moritz           pmdev    1 week ago
merlyn                1 week ago
Tanktalus           pmdev    2 weeks ago
petdance   QandAEditors            2 weeks ago
Petruchio gods     power users     pollsters  2 weeks ago
Plankton           pmdev    2 weeks ago
xdg           pmdev    3 weeks ago
TStanley           pmdev    8 weeks ago
Kanji           pmdev    8 weeks ago
pelagic           pmdev    8 weeks ago
larsen           pmdev    9 weeks ago
suaveant           pmdev    9 weeks ago
BazB           pmdev    10 weeks ago
pfaut     SiteDocClan          10 weeks ago
planetscape     SiteDocClan power users janitors pmdev pollsters pedagogues11 weeks ago
lemming           pmdev    11 weeks ago
chip           pmdev    12 weeks ago
athomason   QandAEditors SiteDocClan          13 weeks ago
injunjoel               pedagogues13 weeks ago
Aristotle           pmdev    14 weeks ago
vroom gods QandAEditors            15 weeks ago
phydeauxarff           pmdev    18 weeks ago
EdwardG           pmdev    18 weeks ago
castaway   QandAEditors SiteDocClan power users janitors pmdev    19 weeks ago
theorbtwo gods
QandAEditors SiteDocClan power users   pmdev    21 weeks ago
davorg       power users   pmdev   pedagogues21 weeks ago
japhy           pmdev    21 weeks ago
oakbox           pmdev    22 weeks ago
wazzuteke           pmdev    24 weeks ago
theonetwo gods
see also
    power users        26 weeks ago
Enlil           pmdev    27 weeks ago
chromatic gods QandAEditors SiteDocClan power users        29 weeks ago
bart           pmdev    30 weeks ago
mischief           pmdev    30 weeks ago
antirice           pmdev    35 weeks ago
jZed           pmdev    37 weeks ago
webfiend           pmdev    42 weeks ago
JayBonci           pmdev    42 weeks ago
seveas gods              45 weeks ago
liverpole           pmdev pollsters  50 weeks ago
Steve_p                51 weeks ago
thelenm                1 year ago
kudra     SiteDocClan          1 year ago
demerphq gods
  SiteDocClan power users janitors pmdev   pedagogues1 year ago
koolgirl         janitors      1 year ago
adrianh           pmdev    1 year ago
holli     SiteDocClan     pmdev    1 year ago
Chady         janitors      1 year ago
McDarren         janitors pmdev    1 year ago
dvergin   QandAEditors       pmdev    1 year ago
bobf     SiteDocClan     pmdev   pedagogues1 year ago
radiantmatrix           pmdev    2 years ago
broquaint       power users   pmdev    2 years ago
clinton           pmdev    2 years ago
ChemBoy           pmdev    2 years ago
particle           pmdev    2 years ago
vaevictus           pmdev    2 years ago
valdez           pmdev    2 years ago
de-merphq gods
see also
             3 years ago
diotalevi           pmdev    3 years ago
eric256           pmdev    3 years ago
virtualsue           pmdev    4 years ago
g0n         janitors      4 years ago
BigLug     SiteDocClan     pmdev    4 years ago
apl             pollsters  4 years ago
PipTigger   QandAEditors            4 years ago
tye  gods
see also
             4 years ago
Anomynous Monk           pmdev    4 years ago
exussum0           pmdev    4 years ago
monsieur_champs     SiteDocClan          4 years ago
nate gods              6 years ago
kurt gods              8 years ago
pmdevmerphq           pmdev    9 years ago
NodeReaper       power users        109 years ago
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