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by holli (Monsignor)
on Mar 09, 2003 at 19:11 UTC ( #241598=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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I am a perl programmer since 1998.
I started writing CGI-s‎crip‎ts for Brillantnet France, sarl. until the company went down the drain due to incompetent management.
Then I worked for the "Kassenärztliche Vereinigung" (that is something like a union for doctors that take part in the german public health system) until April '07.

Can you imagine? Before i came there they didn´t even know perl, and at the end we did 50% of inhouse-development using perl and his commercial brothers from ActiveState (PerlDevKit).

After the job got said I did some part time projects and am now working for a pure perl shop as a full time developer. Yay!

In the picture above you can see me and a bowl of potatoe salad.

Please note: Due to recent changes on Perlmonks policy, you need to enable risky HTML to get all out of this homenode, especially if you need sex.

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XP-Chart temporarily (?) out of order

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Version: 0.01
D++S++X++WP+++MO!PP+++n!CO-PO--o G
A-OLC---OLJ-Ee-Ev!uL+w m*

<img src="" height="57" width="600" alt="Selected Nodes of mine" />

Monk Links - Copy Perlmonks-links to the clipboard in on-site-format
(must read for Firefox users)
A guide to installing modules for Win32
strftime reference for Win32
call a modules INIT-section
Evaled::INIT - allow init blocks to execute inside eval block
Re: Your Favorite Heroic Perl Story
merging pdf-files:
Re^2: Add watermark to a pdf

<img src="" height="57" width="600" alt="Selected Nodes for newbies" />

Tutorials read them, grok them or tye will hit you ;-)
The Perl Monks Guide to the Monastery
What shortcuts can I use for linking to other information?
Writeup Formatting Tips
Perl Monks Approved HTML tags
Perl White Magic - Special Variables and Command Line Switches
Guidance for a beginner with a bad reputation
Frustrations with newbie questions
Perverse Unreadable Code
Everyone Hates Me
Perl cheat sheet
Why it´s stupid to use symbolic references (off-site)
one hour Chatterbox history (off-site)
pmplanet - where are all the monks? (off-site)

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Funniest Variable/Subroutine names
Frivolous function names
Useless/Interesting Error Messages
(Humor) A New Name for Perl 6
(humor) The first rule of The XP club is...
NodeReaper out of control
Off topic: lightbulb joke...
Where is the boss?
The Humor Thief
Blinking a row
Perl Humor
(OT) Obfuscated Perl/Geek Humor
I want my Perl humor...
99.99% of High School Seniors Can't Read Perl (off-site)
Get Out of a Dull Meeting
Life at the Monastery. Chapter 1 (a must read)
Life at the Monastery Chapter 2 (a must read)
Life at the Monastery. Chapter 2 and a half
The Personalities of Perl Monks - Part I
Potty humour...
PerlMonks Humor
There's a level in Hell reserved for ________
The Daily Travels of a PerlMonk
(Humour) Absolutely no way
How do you wanna die() ?
Call for Compiler Error Conundrums
Ask the Dark Gods
Re^4: Email form
Perl Monks say the Darndest Things
Programmers are weird

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<g0n> .oO( who's ridding me of this Turbulent Project Manager?)
holli rids g0n of this turbulent project manager
<holli> there you are :-)
<RazorbladeBidet> ... Holli's Pizzeria and Project Manager Disposal does it again! In 30 seconds or less!
<schodckwm> RBB: lol, I think?
g0n thanks Holli and carries on rolling cigarettes.
herveus wonders when g0n will have to do public penance now...
<Camel_thirst> Holli's fast garbage collection u mean?
holli also hands g0n some spicefor his cigarettes
<herveus> .oO(how closely does g0n resemble Peter O'Toole?)
<holli> yeah. works as long as that Project Manager isn't a circular reference.
<atcroft> atcroft decides it is better not to eat at that pizzeria, and wonders at a theory that would explain both the Soylent Green pizza topping and the disposal process.....
<herveus> .oO(...and does his project manager resemble Richard Burton?)

<diotalevi> Huh. Foo->() is merely alternative syntax for Foo(). I never knew that.
<jZed> a man walks into a Bar->(), bartender says, did you know that arrow is redundant?

<g0n> Intrepid ask holli, he's a dab hand at cat catching.
<Nevtlathiel> I could get my co-worker to lure cats to you with cat-food soup and multiple tins of slamon and tuna
<Intrepid> Yes! And then I could scopp them up, break their necks, skin them in front of everyone, and start putting the half-cooked cat meat into sterilized glass jars. I bet I make a million bucks.
Intrepid realizes how upsetting that last send will be to some readers ;-)
<Intrepid> I would, btw, never hurt a cat, ever. I am extremely fond of them and take fanatically good care of them.
Detonite summons a dire cat, and sends it towards Intrepid.
<Nevtlathiel> but would you hurt a cat
<Detonite> Nev++ :)
<Intrepid> When I was dating my gorgeous Alicia, one of them first things I did at her house was to establish a twice-weekly duty of cleaning her litter box for her cats ;-)
DigitalKitty suddenly appears after being summoned and immediately walks in Intrepid's direction.
Detonite double-checks his spellbook

DigitalKitty casually mentions that she might just be an old lisp program designed to demonstrate machine learning and nobody from that academic year remembered to cancel her job. $ps -aux | grep katie...
<Zaxo> I hadn't notithed the Lithp

<theorbtwo> BTW, Intrepid, have you met planetscape yet?
<planetscape> speak of the devil, and she shall appear ;-)
<castaway> iek!
<planetscape> muwahahahahaha!

<bart> Germans are weird.
<holli> declare yourself.
<theorbtwo> I have nothing to declare except my brilliance.

<andye> aFOO!
andye is a geek with a cold.
<rhesa> bless \$you

<img src="" height="57" width="395" alt="Monks I've met" />
and many others I might not have recognized at YAPC::EU 2007
<img src="" height="57" width="395" alt="Homepage" />
visit me @

<img src="" height="57" width="395" alt="Sainthood" />
At April 1st 2005, 00:01 GMT

<img src="" height="57" width="400" />
Hero Zzyzzx

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[choroba]: No, if there are no threads, then the user wants to use MCE. If there are threads, the user can choose.
[1nickt]: choroba Understood. I'm wondering about the logic in a cpanfile. If the perl doesn't support threads, it's easy: require MCE. If the perl does support threads, as you say the user has a choice, so require both? Or, assume that irrespective of the choide
[1nickt]: ... choice, the threaded-perl user *probably* wants to use threads, therefore only require threads and leave MCE out, allowing the user to manually install if desired?
[choroba]: just require any of MCE and threads. Not sure if that's possible in the cpanfile, but should be possible early in the Makefile
[1nickt]: The app expects threads as default anyway, right?
[choroba]: that's true
[1nickt]: expects threads *to be* the default
[1nickt]: I think cpanfile can handle the logic. testing now.

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