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XP is just a number


by Umlaut (Novice)
on Dec 22, 2000 at 07:13 UTC ( #47993=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Once upon a time, a puppeteer who liked computers decided he would try to combine the two, which led him to faraway lands and to camps of people trying to do this, albeit unsuccessfully. Like an angel cast down from some lofty place, he landed into a purgatory of proto-Internet companies, where Data-Slaves had to keep pipelines stoked full of raw logs, which turned into Numbers. Upper Managers were under pressure for these Numbers to Grow, for if they did not, they had to be Recounted (more work for the Data-Slaves). It was here that he learned the Ancient language of PERL, rose up from mere Data-Slave to Data Manager, Data Engineer, and finally Research Engineer. With his new found power, he left this land for one of B2C, where a Great Myth had overtaken the Employed People into believing that outsider, Netizen people would become addicted to seeking information, so much so that they would ravenously click on Banners to Buy things, and this Revenue would overfloweth. It was here that he became Software Engineer, building Things Never To Be Used. After this land imploded in its own decadence and short-sightedness, he and another refugee (ton) escaped to the Moon. Tune in for further adventures.

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holli googles dryarian just to make sure that isn't actually thing
[holli]: I mean, you never know, right?
[shmem]: good $localtime monkses
[holli]: mmh. maybe a user handle "dry arian" is a bit unfortunate? https://www. dryarian/
[Discipulus]: exists!
[shmem]: holli, agreed. "dry airan" would be slightly better :P
[holli]: virtualsue: How much was left?
[shmem]: Discipulus: oh. tatsächlich.
shmem missed his monkday yesterday :P - 12 years and way to go...
[1nickt]: Happy Monkday shmem. I was at my stepson's birthday party and thought of you.

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