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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[tye]Corion, the XS code is indeed admirably minimal. The file descriptor passing code looks much more complex than my faded memory thinks it needs to be, but that memory is indeed faded...
[tye]...The majority of the C code looks like it would have been better written as much less Perl code. But I didn't try to grok the whole thing enough to be able to understand if there are good reasons why C was used (other than passing fd's)
[tye]I thought I had previously managed to pass an fd using just Perl code. Maybe that method doesn't work in BSD or maybe my memory is faulty.
[tye]Now we'll see how busy / distracted I am and thus how long it takes me to dig up how to pass an fd in just Perl and how portable / ugly that is. :)
[tye]I still want to actually understand FastCGI (because I've heard indicators that there is some magic under the covers there that means it works somewhat like CoRo, allowing multiple scripts instances at once in one processes + interpretter,
[tye]and because I've seen impressive benchmarks of it). But we also did our own benchmarks of StarMan + Plack that blew away the recent benchmarks posted here...
[tye]that showed FastCGI had way less latency than StarMan + Plack.
[Corion]tye: Hmm - I think passing FDs around in a general way requires clib support
[tye]I'll consult Magic Garden when I get to work. There is a fcntl or ioctl for it but maybe that doesn't work in BSD or not in old BSD.
[tye]though, that doesn't cover Windows, but then it didn't look like PPerl supported Windows either.
[tye]Which reminds me, I should add passing of file handles to Win32API::File (if I haven't already)
[Corion]tye: I think I learned about fd passing when trying to port PPerl to Windows ;)
[Corion]I think Marc Lehmann wrote FDpasser
[Corion]Hmm - ah, not Marc Lehmann, but a module of that name exists
[tye]"File::FDpasser - Perl extension for blah blah blah"
[ambrus]Corion: wrong module.
[tye](also, an AnyEvent version)
[Corion]Ah - right author, wrong module name ;)
[tye]Interesting. That modules makes it clear that BSD43 uses different code than even BSD44. *sigh*
[tye]though, IO::FDPass has no BSD-specific code (other than a comment about needing to include stddef.h)
[tye]File::FDpasser uses the simple ioctl(servfd, I_RECVFD, &recvfd) code. So I guess that works since SVR4 and there is hugely more complex code that works on BSD and on SVR4.
[tye]ah, one source says that the simple code doesn't even work on Linux (due to lack of STREAMS).
[tye]next, to figure out what the heck was wrong with the tons simpler way.
[hippo]cf. systemd
[RonW]Lack of STREAMS on Linux? How is this source defining "STREAMS"?
[tye]"Linux does not include STREAMS functionality without third-party add-ons."
[tye]Twitter earnings?? I didn't realize Twitter was bringing in *any* money.

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