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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[deMize]I'm having a brain fart. Is there a way to loop through a hash ref by values, but sorting by keys. foreach $val ( sort keys %$hr ){...} The key is not in the list of values, so it seems like sort {...} values %$hr won't work.
[deMize]I'd like to not do foreach $key ... {$val=$hr->{$key};}
[MidLifeXis]First statement inside of the loop could be my $val = $hash{$key};, or you could do a ....
[tye]@$hr{ sort keys %$hr }, note that this gives you aliases so be wary of modifying $val in your loop
[MidLifeXis]for my $val ( map { $hr->{$_} } sort keys %$hr ) {...}
[deMize]So it's ugly enough to just avoid doing that? :)
[tye]my $val = $hr->{$key}; is a good general approach. If you want to modify values in the hash, then I'd use the hash slice (which I don't find ugly).
[MidLifeXis]The hash slice is a nice approach (imo), but the alias implications that tye mentioned are necessary to be aware of.
[deMize]tye don't want to modify, but I don't want to generate future complications
[MidLifeXis].oO( What freepin idiot thought that hiding the file size on an attribute screen used by administrators was a good idea? )
[deMize]MidLifeXis burr
[MidLifeXis]Which idiom is easier to understand? Hash slice, map, or assignment? Remember the future maintainer of this code as well. :-)
[mr_mischief]David St. Hubbins: It's such a fine line between stupid, and uh... Nigel Tufnel: Clever. David St. Hubbins: Yeah, and clever.
[Corion]Corion feels trolled.
[mr_mischief]I find the linguistics of "trolling" from its fishing roots through to a "troll" being the person and the fairytale bridges sometimes being mentioned fascinating.
[mr_mischief]There's quite a mishmash of etymology with that term online.
[mr_mischief]The "This Is Spinal Tap" quote is, by the way, referring to maintainability down the road.
[MidLifeXis]Which relates directly to any of my comments earlier as well ;-)
[Voronich]Voronich has to concede he never thought to think about it. But that actually is pretty interesting. The accident of a homonym and all.
[GotToBTru]something for the linguists of the future to ponder
[Voronich]Voronich has to shut down for a few hours. o7
[MidLifeXis]take care, V. o/
[mr_mischief]I always wondered if the conflation of "imp" meaning "young shoot or graft" with some sort of small demon had to do with a back-formation of "pious/piety"->"impious/impiety"->"imp-ious/imp-iety"
[mr_mischief]Oh, where is Tim Toady this morning? lol.
[mr_mischief]err, TimToady, even.

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