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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[Discipulus]you not give a chance to strawberry perl and pp, ali0sha?
[ambrus]ali0sha: 5 interviews? were the applicants any good?
[Discipulus]you are a journalist?
[ali0sha]Sorry :/ just loading up on this afternoon
[ali0sha]We're trying to hire in India
[ali0sha]The phone screenings are mostly pretty good, but the tech tests are appalling
[marto]we have thousands upon thousands of employees in India. Ourcourcing. One of many "big players". They all have a technical test. Every year you can find (via google) people posting answers on forums, where they get copied/pasted
[marto]We do have some very capible Oracle resources in India, that I've met.
[ali0sha]For our technical test we set up a test environment with bugs and watch them try to fix them
[ali0sha]Like 'this rest service falls over when you put more than 1000 records through it, find and fix the issue' - it's ... enlightening
[ambrus]ali0sha: yeah, though those have to be set up carefully, because readding big new code can be intimidating and slow.
[ali0sha]Yeah exactly - and you have to prescreen carefully because watching someone miserably fail for 60 minutes is soul-destroying
[marto]so long as they know they are being monitored ;)
[ali0sha]What do you think I am :P
[marto]well, lots of this stuff often gets lost in translation. Add to that the cultural differences, I've got a lot of experience of people saying answering "yes" because they feel like they can't say no to someone higher up in the organisation
[marto]"Do you understand what you're being asked to do?".
[Discipulus]marto dunno if yet asked: that usb devices used to attach a guitar to a pc are worth?
[Discipulus]they are midi or not?
[marto]believe it or not, this causes problems even at the senior levels of business
[ali0sha]Have any of you guys used
[ali0sha]Made me chuckle - to the point I guess :)
[marto]Discipulus, I've never used a guitar to computer interface. A friend uses Rocksmith and has had greater success learning songs that way, rather than traditional methods. The cable is not USB to MIDI i believe

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[Discipulus]i only want to try something like guitar rig but dunno how to connect the guitar: if i need to spend money i want an reliable usable deivice.
[marto]what are you looking to do, record?
[hippo]A client has just started to use - appears to be a money pit.
[marto]is your client Tom Hanks?
[hippo]No. And they're not that rich hence the man-hours now spent trying to work around the extra expense. :(
[soonix](about ten minutes later) marto: try to ask them "do you need further clarification?" :-)
[marto]soonix: "Yes" ----> explain again, "do you understand?" --> "yes", GOTO 10
[ali0sha]Reason is, I'm trying to make working with it less horrible
[Discipulus]marto i want to play, and possibly record
[soonix]well then after "yes", you have to ask "on which (sub-)point?"
[hippo]Good luck with that, ali0sha
[marto]Discipulus audacity + Guitar to USB for recording. For playing I guess you mean using some software to emulate amps/effects. I have no idea about this
[ali0sha]you're right about money-pit though, it's pretty easy for us to spend £2m+ pa on it
[marto]soonix, if only the reality of the situation were so simple
[ali0sha]I think it's funny that SFDC devs feel the same way about perl as we feel about SFDC
[Discipulus]thanks marto
[GrandFather]we use SalesForce. I even wrote code to push data from a web form throough to it a few years ago - in PHP :(
[GrandFather]Don't remember much about it now though. My memory is good like that!
[GrandFather]Drupal Website with a module I'd written to hande the form
[rajuskark]i am declare use var ( %hash), and now i want o empty it after using it
[rajuskark]or before use it
[GrandFather]No need before you use it. They clean all variables in the shop before they sell them to you
[GrandFather]If you scope the variable correctly you get a fresh one every time you enter the variable's scope
[Corion]%hash= (); # empty the hash again
[rajuskark]its ok but some where i put some values in it, and now i want to remove that value
[GrandFather]Needing to "reset" a variable is unusual and often points to bad coding style. Avoid reusing variables!
[GrandFather]There are cases where it's the right thing to do, but they aren't common
[Corion]For removing a single value, see delete
[ali0sha]are you trying to remove the value or the key?
[GrandFather]Ask in SoPW where we can see how you arae using the variable and can rocommend better style if appropriate
[ali0sha]What you're seeing here is TIMTOWTDI
[ambrus]meh, you modern functional guys think your style is the only true one. reusing the few variables you have and goto-ing all around the code is a normal way to code.
[Corion]I think it's more "unclear requirements" ;-)
[Corion]There is a reason why Perl has goto $expression ;-)
[ali0sha]Perl isn't much good for pure functional programming :(
[GrandFather]GrandFather .oO(TIM never could make up his mind)
[GrandFather]but it's real good for purely functional programming :-P
[marto]or purely fictional programming
[ali0sha]ali0sha -__-
[Discipulus]this seems good quality and not expensive as guitar connector
[Corion]Yay. Explaining to the vendor that the 192.168.* IP address they tell us for their test system is not a public IP address...
[ali0sha]tbf sounds like the kind of mistake I might make
[Discipulus]oh very frequent here too..
[Corion](and the vendor hires badly English speaking Spanish people...) Bad English is a universal language, but there's so many kinds of bad :-)
[Discipulus]Corion one time i told to a (friendly) customer: you can call uncle your uncle but you cannot send him a letter using uncle as address
[Corion]Sure, but you don't publish that mistake in your newsletter, and then call me and insist that this IP is the correct one after I ask.
[Corion]Discipulus: Hahaha ;-)
[Discipulus]Discipulus thnks Corion: now i know the name of the idiom i speak: BadEng
[Corion](at least, I hope you don't insist on that being correct. I was short on sending the vendor the (Spanish) Wikipedia entry on IP adresses ;-)
[Corion]It's not en-EN but en-BAD ;-))
[Discipulus]ok a Perl one: if i select a filehandle, systemm call's output lines are not affected by the select, they print to their STDOUT. is possible to do the opposite?
[Corion]Discipulus: You can supply filehandles by using IPC::Open2 or IPC::Open3
[Corion]Hmmm - but I think you then need to read from the child and write to a file yourself. Or redirect the child output directly to a file if you want that
[Discipulus]ah, right.

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