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last hour of cb

by Tanktalus (Canon)
on Jan 26, 2007 at 20:59 UTC ( #596792=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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[choroba]choroba runs openSUSE on all his personal machines, and work dev machine too
[choroba]Most colleagues use Ubuntu on their dev machines, but it failed to install, so instead of trying to fix it, I just tried openSUSE I knew well, and it worked
[Corion]choroba: Yeah, I'm the same - as long as Debian installs somewhere, I'm likely to use it (even though it uses systemd now) instead of fiddling with the settings
[choroba]openSUSE is on systemd, too
[marto]good morning all
[Corion]Hi marto
[Discipulus]ah! systemd!!
[Corion]choroba: Sad :-( Maybe some new class of distribution or kernel will emerge that doesn't drift to "put everything into the kernel" and towards binary formats for everything
[Corion]Even "every line in the log file should be JSON" is preferrable ;)
[Corion]Maybe I should look towards moving to one of the *BSDs in the longer run, if they haven't moved towards systemd etc
[Discipulus]has openSUSE a wide hardware support?
[choroba]wide enough for me :)
[Discipulus]modern laptops?
[Corion]Mmmm! Snack overflow ;)
[choroba]I'm on lenovo x250. Would you call it modern?
[choroba]Corion++ # Snack overflow
[Corion]choroba: marto++ for that term ;)
[marto]don't get me started on another snack overflow rant
[Corion]Too many donuts? ;)
[marto]it's just a train wreck
[Corion]I'm a Full Stack Overflow programmer ;)

↑Previous Hour↑
↓Current Hour↓

[marto]people generally aren't great at asking questions, and to get to the real question/problem takes time/communication.
[Corion]marto: I don't mind reading some Javascript solutions on Stackoverflow. I use it much the same as I use Wikipedia - to get a quick overview. I wouldn't contribute to it though ;)
[Corion]marto: Closed as duplicate
[Corion]But yeah, I think that the usual path we guide people here ("show a minimal example", ...) is good in the sense that people learn to reduce their code to smaller code
[choroba]It's good source of laugh, though
[marto]Corion exactly, professional moders rather than any intention of helping someone
[choroba]I mean, some questions are so funny
[marto]choroba nah, it's symptomatic of a wider problem that I don't like. I don't participate there, but when I end up reading some threads about Oracle problems I just find it a real train wreck
[marto]sadly they seem to have altered their system to be the answer engine that google rates highly
[marto]question an old methodology, your post is closed, because at one point the old answer was valid, ergo you've posted a duplicate
[Discipulus]Discipulus is reading very hungry comment about suse.. yast provoke nausea to many ones..
[choroba]Well, their primary goal is to match companies to job seekers
[choroba]Discipulus What's wrong with yast? Moreover, I rarely run it
[marto]choroba I can't see how that would work out well for an employer
[marto]unless they're looking for a prison guard
[Corion]marto: Well, people who can use Stack Overflow can piece together many API calls. It's still hard to apply logic though ;)
[Corion]I think there are some good SO corners, maybe the Matlab corner and maybe the Math corner, but I can't see me as a participating/contributing member over there ;)
[Corion]Of course, I'm guilty of replying to some posts with "this is a faq", which could be somewhat the equivalent to SOs "closed as duplicate"
[marto]I think the difference is that the user can reply to clarify their situation if they mean something different, or ask a follow up question relating to the answer given.
[marto]the node will not vanish because you link to the a FAQ or some such
[Corion]True ;) We should invite some Wikipedia deletionists over ;))
[marto]nah, I'm saying that this is a better situation than the quick reaping that goes on elsewhere
[marto]on the plus side, modern technet articles seem much better in format and content
[choroba]I've updated my comment to heredoc and carriers return
[choroba]heredoc is a red herring
[Discipulus]red herredocking?

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