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"be consistent"


by mpeg4codec (Pilgrim)
on Aug 13, 2002 at 22:59 UTC ( #189948=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Working as a research programmer at USC/ISI in Marina del Rey (Los Angeles, CA). B.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Pure Mathematics from UCLA. Perl rules!

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[LanX]: yes correct, but Sinai is not on the other side
[LanX]: Organizing a YAPC in a tourist ressort is not a bad idea ...
[LanX]: ... and we could swap to our first YAPC Africa the following year when organizing in Hurghada
[robby_dobby]: LanX: Well volunteered!
[LanX]: ... just ... ppl would be to afraid of terrorist attacks
[choroba]: python guerrila?
[robby_dobby]: if I do make it, I can at least savour their local tea! :-)
[LanX]: oh they have sleper cells everywhere
[robby_dobby]: LanX: Not really, the only problems would be from religious divides. Coptics/Moslems/ Kurds/Jews
[erix]: Zzz

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