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by msemtd (Scribe)
on Sep 05, 2002 at 10:55 UTC ( #195331=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Group leader for Nottingham Perl Mongers ( I'm a senior software engineer (C/C++/J2EE) with an electronics company in the UK. I use Perl for anything and everything on Linux and Win32 platforms. I especially like POE, Tk GUIs, Sockets, webscraping, XML::Simple and the automation of everything!

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[Tux]: None work for me. My dead key is AltGr (right Alt)
[Tux]: And I just tested, neither do other Tk apps :) (95% of my Tk Apps is either just monitoring (no input) or input of just numbers). Something to investigate then
[choroba]: Maybe something like this?
[choroba]: I vaguely remember we had problems with dead keys in Tk at $work - 2, but I forgot all the details
[choroba]: but it was worse on MSWin than on Linux
[choroba]: (and OSX didn't exist yet)
[choroba]: Also, I'd try starting the App with the US layout and switch to the dead keys layout later

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