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by yakko (Friar)
on Dec 21, 2000 at 21:15 UTC ( #47827=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

If you look real close, you can see the HP 9000/715 being properly used as a stand for the 811 enclosure and the 2 bitty boxen.




My perl stuff


Message Inbox
Tk chatterbox scrollpos fixes
There can only be one!
How to debug


the fox
the mugshot
the X
the sign
the menu
the bars


You can set vi preferences on a per-file basis. For instance, this homenode has
<!-- ex: set tw=78: -->
as the first line. This sets wraparound at col 78. Similar tactics work in any file. For a perl program, you may have something like
#!/usr/bin/perl -wT # ex: set ts=2 ai:
to set tabstops to 2 cols, and to autoindent.


Interests and other useless facts:

My computing timeline is roughly:

1982: First saw an Apple][
1984: First programmed the Apple][ using FPBASIC. Fascinated with the "Apple presents Apple" demo. Didn't know any better.
1986: Met my first TRS-80; rediscovered the Apple at the library
1987: Taught myself 6502 asm, later learned you don't forget this sort of stuff
1987: Met my first PC. "Why the HELL won't CATALOG work on this ()#$$ thing?! How do I get to the f<beep>ing monitor?"

(a few years go by, during which I buy a LASER 128 and 2 //e's, drool over the IIgs but lack the cash for one, get my first PC, etc.. etc...)

1994: swear to never again buy a prefab pooter; build my own, start hating Windoze about then, discover the internet and get bewildered at this Slackware crap that keeps showing up on all my archie searches
1995: Start running this "Slackware Linux" stuff by getting it precariously transferred from 80 floppies

(more years go by, basically getting into Unix, writing bad bash s‎crip‎ts, trying my hand at this "perl" thing...)

1997: Get my first Unix job for real money. Learned the true evil of HP-UX. Started writing all perl programs with -w enabled...
1997: My first perl s‎crip‎t that accepts luser input from the web, ported from bash. No concept of what was other than to rip the escape function out of it
1998: ported last year's perl spaghetti to PHP3; was much better for it
1999-2000: floundered around in perl and PHP (woo, DBI is nifty)... code improves after I get the corporate to send me on a junket to take a Perl class
2001: found this site, learned all about use {strict,CGI}, and gained friends and enemies alike. The rest is history.

And now for something completely random:

Between neshura and I, we're bringing that poor web server at my ISP to its knees :o)

Some nagging observations:

  • Why does kudra look a tad more red in her thumbnail than on her home node? (two reasons: 1) it was a Halloween costume; 2) kudra herself blames it on a really bad sunburn. :o)
  • This place has replaced a certain other place as my main web activity
  • A lot of folks like Monty Python here, apparently... _Holy Grail_ specifically... life is good.


Snippets that have made it out the door:

OK, here's some work in progress on the Perl/Tk Chatterbox client by Shendal...

Things to work on:
  • Roll a diff against the original node and link it here
  • I have to read up on some way to avoid all these zombies as a result of clicking on links which launch the browser. Right now, it costs one zombie per click.
  • scrollpos fixes need to be tweaked to not scroll as text comes in, when scrolled back
  • The GUI goes catatonic at times, endlessly adjusting the widget that contains the user names. Haven't looked into that yet
  • Last, but not least: all Netscape cookies saved after the chatterbox starts up are not written to the cookies file. As far as I can tell, not Tk chatterbox's fault; may be in the PerlMonks modules
Things already fixed, or somewhat:
  • colours can now be saved
  • Browser executable can take opts
  • [id://] links are properly linked instead of flat-out resolved
  • [google://] and [lucky://] support

Code currently being worked on:

the obligatory "mail me" block:
my$adr=q{M97-L:6YG8T!F;&]O<"YO<F<@>6%K:V]`>6%L;'`N8V]M(&1E=G1E<FUA0 &YE<='-C87!E+FYE="!E<VQI;F=C0&UA:6PN8V]M"@```};$adr=~s|\n||; print unpack("u",$adr),"\n";


N-Wing ... for a good .sig block suggestion.
WebHick ... for some great diversions. Oh, may as well get addicted to Bejeweled, while you're at it. :o)
merlyn ... for helping me out of my cargo-cult misery, both directly and non-directly
NodeReaper ... for cherry pie and taking abuse with good humour
... and everyone who inspired various little hacks to the Tk chatterbox client.
$Date: 2001/11/11 21:59:57 $

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