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Re^2: Perl/TK borderwidth question

by perltux (Monk)
on Oct 26, 2012 at 13:07 UTC ( #1001069=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Perl/TK borderwidth question
in thread Perl/TK borderwidth question

Good day to you too! Thanks, for the pointers with regards to the Subwidget() method, I will look into that.

I'm aware of your reply from two days ago, I used the hash method and that worked fine for the purposes of that question, but that's not the same as I was asking here (unless I'm missing something which is quite possible due to my still limited Perl/TK skills?).

Edit: ok I think I get it:

$mw->optionAdd('*borderWidth', '1');

seems to work for (almost) everything!

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Re^3: Perl/TK borderwidth question
by kcott (Chancellor) on Oct 26, 2012 at 15:38 UTC

    There's probably a few things you should take into consideration before making universal changes.

    As well as borderWidth, some widgets also have activeBorderWidth, insertBorderWidth and selectBorderWidth - Tk::options has details of these. If, for instance, you had borderWidth and activeBorderWidth with different sizes, you'll get unwanted visual effects when you interact with these widgets.

    Other widgets, such as Tk::Frame, have a default borderWidth of zero which you'll generally not want to change.

    In short, while $mw->optionAdd('*borderWidth', '1'); might look like a quick fix, it will probably lead to all sorts of unwanted problems - some of which may not be immediately obvious.

    My advice would be to just change what you need on a widget-by-widget basis.

    Here's a few more examples, taken from the same script as the earlier examples, that demonstrate some of the points I've just made:

    $mw->optionAdd(q{*Entry*borderWidth}, 1, $priority); $mw->optionAdd(q{*Entry*insertBorderWidth}, 0, $priority); $mw->optionAdd(q{*Entry*selectBorderWidth}, 0, $priority); $mw->optionAdd(q{*NoteBook.borderWidth}, 1, $priority); $mw->optionAdd(q{*NoteBook.activeBorderWidth}, 1, $priority); $mw->optionAdd(q{*NoteBook.Frame.borderWidth}, 0, $priority); $mw->optionAdd(q{*NoteBook.Frame.activeBorderWidth}, 0, $priority) +;

    -- Ken

Re^3: Perl/TK borderwidth question
by kcott (Chancellor) on Oct 26, 2012 at 13:34 UTC

    In this thread, I've just provided a link to the thread from two days ago. Here it is again: Re: Perl/TK: how to set defaults for the whole script?. If you follow this link, you'll see that in addition to the hash solution, I discussed an option database solution. I gave a very brief overview, a link to documentation on the subject, some example code and an indication of how you should integrate it into your script.

    -- Ken

      Yes, thanks I got it now, see my Addendum to my previous reply which I must have posted at the same time when you were writing this latest reply.

        No worries - all good. Your initial response left me a little bemused and suggested that you hadn't bothered to revisit my earlier post.

        I've replied separately to your Addendum (see below) in which I've recommended you reconsider using $mw->optionAdd('*borderWidth', '1'); as a panacea.

        -- Ken

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