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Re: CSS Show and Tell: Colored Code (tag your themes, theme design tool)

by Anonymous Monk
on Dec 06, 2012 at 13:35 UTC ( #1007565=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CSS Show and Tell: Colored Code

On the theme of sharing... If there are many people with custom PerlMonks CSS, it might be nice to have a node dedicated to snippets or external links to supplement the primary themes that are available in Display Settings. This might help quench some people's thirsts for a 'repainted' monastery, without actually having to do any real painting.

I linked it!:P

themes for Anonymous Monk or try out themes without changing display settings, Based on PerlMonks CSS HOWTO, PerlMonks CSS Examples, User CSS Repository,

Ok, I didn't link PerlMonks CSS Examples

I suppose we could add "{pmcss-theme}" to the title so you could ?node_id=3989;HIT={pmcss-theme} to find them easier, but I already linked all of them :)

Ok, I found a few new ones with ?node_id=3989;BIT=.reply-body

Re^2: <readmore> for [Anonymous Monk] renders with a background, how about only an outline?, Re^2: Site facelift?

Although whats really missing is a comprehensive list of live-use perlmonks css targets, something generated from the perlmonks codebase or a list of notable nodes like SOPW/RAT/FPChat

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