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Re: WxPerl Next button

by jmlynesjr (Hermit)
on Jan 04, 2013 at 20:00 UTC ( #1011710=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to WxPerl Next button

Refer to More wxPerl Examples now on Github. Specifically the and examples.

You may need to create a custom dialog similar to pg225 that uses radio buttons rather than a list box. Look these examples over and post your code if you can.


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Re^2: WxPerl Next button
by saran73 (Initiate) on Jan 04, 2013 at 20:44 UTC
    Hi James, Thanks for your reply. I did use few of the examples from the github (very useful and thanks for sharing it). Here is the code: (input is at the end of the file)
    use strict; use warnings; use Wx; use Wx::Event qw( EVT_BUTTON ); use Wx qw[:everything]; use base qw/Wx::Frame/; # Inherit from Wx::Frame our %panel; my $selectedChapter; Main( @ARGV ); exit( 0 ); sub Main { my $app = Wx::SimpleApp->new; my $frame = Wx::Frame->new( undef, -1, "Test window", [ 100, 100 ], [ 800, 600 ], Wx::wxDEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE()|Wx::wxTAB_TRAVERSAL() ); MakeChaptersPanel( $frame ); $frame->SetSizer( Wx::BoxSizer->new( Wx::wxVERTICAL() ) ); $frame->GetSizer->Add( $panel{first}, 1, Wx::wxEXPAND() ); $frame->Show(1); $app->SetTopWindow($frame); $app->MainLoop; } ## end sub Main sub MakeChaptersPanel { my( $frame ) = @_; $panel{'first'} = Wx::Panel->new( $frame, -1, [ -1, -1 ], [ -1, -1], ); Wx::StaticText->new( $panel{'first'}, 1, "Answer Verification App", [50, 50] ); my $SHOWQUESTION_BTNID = 1; my $showQuestions = Wx::Button->new( $panel{'first'}, $SHOWQUESTION_BTNID, "Show Questions", [150,300] ); my %chapters; my $data_pos = tell DATA; # save the position while (<DATA>) { if ( m@<questionId>.*?(\d\d)(\d{4})</questionId>@) { $chapters{$1}++; } } seek DATA, $data_pos, 0; my @chapters; foreach my $chapter (keys %chapters) { push(@chapters,$chapter); } my $CHAPTER_RADIOBOX = 2; my $selectChapter = Wx::RadioBox->new($panel{'first'}, $ CHAPTER_RADIOBOX, "Select the Chapter", Wx::Point->new(100,100), wxDefaultSize, \@chap +ters, 1, wxRA_SPECIFY_COLS); $selectChapter->SetSelection(1); Wx::Event::EVT_BUTTON( $frame, $showQuestions, sub{\&ShowQuestions(@_, $selectChapter->GetStringSelection())}); return; } ## end sub MakePanels sub MakeQuestionsPanel { my( $frame ) = @_; $panel{'second'} = Wx::Panel->new( $frame, -1, [ -1, -1 ], [ -1, -1 ], ); $panel{'second'}->Hide(); my $NEXTQUESTION_BTNID = 2; my $nextQuestionbtn = Wx::Button->new( $panel{'second'}, $NEXTQUESTION_BTNID, "Next Questions", [150,300] ); my $insideQuestion = 0; my @answerChoices; my $correctAnswer; my $weightage; my $QUESTIONS_RADIOBOX = 3; while (<DATA>) { if ( m@<Question>@ ) { $insideQuestion = 1; print $_; next; } if ( m@</Question>@ ) { $insideQuestion = 0; my $questionChoices = Wx::RadioBox->new($panel{'second'}, $QUESTIONS_RADIOBOX, "Answer Choices +", Wx::Point->new(100,100), wxDefaultSize, \@answerChoices, 1, wxRA_SPECIFY_COLS); $questionChoices->SetStringSelection($correctAnswer); last; } if ( $insideQuestion ) { if ( m@<questionId>.*?(\d\d)(\d{4})</questionId>@) { if ( $1 != $selectedChapter) { $insideQuestion = 0; next; } } if ( m@<question>(.*?)</question>@ ) { print "$1\n"; my $questionText = Wx::StaticText->new( $panel{'secon +d'}, 1, "$1", [50, 70] ); } elsif ( m@<Answer\d>(.*?)</Answer\d>@ ) { push(@answerChoices,$1); } elsif ( m@<CorrectAnswer>(.*?)</CorrectAnswer>@ ) { $correctAnswer = $1; } elsif ( m@<weightage>(.*?)</weightage>@ ) { $weightage = $1; } print "$_"; } } return; } sub ShowQuestions { my ( $frame, $event, $mySelectedChapter ) = @_; my $button = $event->GetEventObject; my $label = $button->GetLabel(); $selectedChapter = $mySelectedChapter; $frame->SetTitle("Chapter " . $selectedChapter); MakeQuestionsPanel( $frame ); $panel{first}->Hide(); $panel{second}->Show(); $frame->GetSizer->Add( $panel{second}, 1, Wx::wxEXPAND() ); $frame->GetSizer->Layout(); } __DATA__ <Question> <questionId>TNHSCS010001</questionId> <question>Jenkins is primiary used of ........</question> <Answer1> Nightly Builds </Answer1> <Answer3> CI Builds </Answer3> <Answer4> Report Generation </Answer4> <Answer1> All the above </Answer1> <CorrectAnswer> CI Builds </CorrectAnswer> </Question> <Question> <questionId>TNHSCS010002</questionId> <question>CI builds are setup to ............</question> <Answer1> catch potentail build errors</Answer1> <Answer2> find bugs </Answer2> <Answer3> reduce build time </Answer3> <Answer4> None of the above </Answer4> <CorrectAnswer> catch potentail build errors </CorrectAnswer> </Question> <Question> <questionId>TNHSCS020001</questionId> <question>Jenkins is primiary used of ........</question> <Answer1> Nightly Builds </Answer1> <Answer3> CI Builds </Answer3> <Answer4> Report Generation </Answer4> <Answer1> All the above </Answer1> <CorrectAnswer> CI Builds </CorrectAnswer> </Question> <Question> <questionId>TNHSCS020002</questionId> <question>CI builds are setup to ............</question> <Answer1> catch potentail build errors</Answer1> <Answer2> find bugs </Answer2> <Answer3> reduce build time </Answer3> <Answer4> None of the above </Answer4> <CorrectAnswer> catch potentail build errors </CorrectAnswer> </Question>

      I second the use of Wx::SingleChoiceDialog or Wx::MultiChoiceDialog like jmlynesjr sugested.

      Parsing XML like you do is not a good choice, use a dedicated module, something like this:

      use strict; use warnings; use XML::Simple; use Data::Printer; my $data = do { local $/; <DATA> }; # slurp DATA my $ref = XMLin( $data, #KeyAttr => { Question => 'questionId' }, # unordered data ForceArray => ['item'], ContentKey => '-content' ); p $ref; __DATA__ <Questions> <Question> <questionId>TNHSCS010001</questionId> <question>Jenkins is primiary used of ...</question> <Answers correct="no">Nightly Builds</Answers> <Answers correct="yes">CI Builds</Answers> <Answers correct="no">Report Generation</Answers> <Answers correct="no">All the above</Answers> </Question> <Question> <questionId>TNHSCS010002</questionId> <question>CI builds are setup to ...</question> <Answers correct="yes">Catch potentail build errors</Answers> <Answers correct="no">Find bugs</Answers> <Answers correct="no">Reduce build time</Answers> <Answers correct="no">None of the above</Answers> </Question> </Questions>

      Notice that a valid XML must have a root tag. I also changed a little the structure...

      Regards, Stefan

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