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Not Able to View all the replies on the same page as that off the thread

by slayedbylucifer (Scribe)
on Mar 29, 2013 at 06:31 UTC ( #1026096=monkdiscuss: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hello Monks.

This question is related to the perlmonk website usage.

The questions I have is when I am viewing any thread, I can see only up to 3 replies on the same as that of the thread. Any other replies beyond 3 replies, I need to open it in new tab/windows to read it. How to display the replies beyond “Re^3” on the page as that off the thread and not opening a new tab/window?


Check this thread: Curious find while comparing grep, map, and smart match...

Scroll down half way through and you will find a lot conversation between users "dbuckhal", "BrowserUk".

The replies went upto "Re^10".

However, I can views only up to reply Re^3. And for further replies, I need to open that particular reply in a new tab/window to read the response.

I have increased the reply depth as well as tried different browsers but it is still the same.

I can view the detailed reply response only up to "Re^3" for any thread and anything after that, I need to open it in a new tab.


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Re: Not Able to View all the replies on the same page as that off the thread
by kcott (Canon) on Mar 29, 2013 at 07:01 UTC

    G'day slayedbylucifer,

    In your home node, follow the Settings link (found in: "Edit your: Profile, Settings").

    This should take you to a User Settings page. You should see a section called Note Configuration. Change the Replies header depth: and Replies text depth: to suit your personal preferences.

    I have both of those values set to "10". I can view all of the nodes in the thread you linked to (down to "Re^10").

    -- Ken

      kcott Bullz Eye !!! Thank a lot. I did update the "Replies header depth" to 10 but did not even focus on "Replies text depth". Thanks, your advise did the trick.

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