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Re^3: File::Random module (bug)

by gautamparimoo (Beadle)
on Apr 02, 2013 at 08:52 UTC ( #1026623=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: File::Random module (bug)
in thread File::Random module


What i have shown is the only script i am trying coz i have not integtated it still because the code snippet is not working.Also I have seen than when I input C: drive(which is the drive from which the script is being run) it gives the correct output But the returned filenames are not from the whole C: drive just the subdirectory from where I am running the script. So when i input drive as E: than i get the same error as shown above. It is kind of a strange thing. Did u run it and what did u get?

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