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Re^11: pp with gui (debug without --gui)

by marto (Bishop)
on Apr 04, 2013 at 08:38 UTC ( #1026950=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^10: pp with gui (debug without --gui)
in thread pp with gui

"So you clearly said that I did not show the runtime error when running without --gui."

Nope, clearly you're having difficulty following responses to your own thread. Hardly surprising given your input.

"So you clearly said I didn't do something that I showed you I did and now you say you didn't do that. Problem is the posts say otherwise."

Wrong again, I've linked to specific posts where you continue to make the same mistake, you link to nothing and provide no evidence to back up this false claim. In one part of the thread you show errors without using -gui, your next post you're back to using it again without actually addressing the problems. Please post facts, not fantasy.

"There have been some things like turning on debug that I did not do. That was simply because I haven't figured out how yet. I don't usually program on windows and I am fairly new to Perl.

The modules you're using are cross platform, the packager you're using is cross platform, you'd have the same issue regardless of the platform you'd be packaging on. You're new to perl, fine, all the more reason to take the advice you asked for from those who aren't new to perl, or the tasks you're attempting. For reference the pp documentation is ~2.5k words in total, this shouldn't take you long to read. even if you didn't want to read all of it finding the pertinent parts and reading only them would take even less time. You've been given links here explaining how to achieve all this, you "haven't figured out yet" because you didn't bother looking. This isn't hidden information. Rather than spend the time doing some work you're back here wasting time with a post like this, making things up, seemingly blaming others for your lack of progress.

"Also, telling someone they need to go into another line of work based on a few posts is silly."

Like your lack of code, nonexistent debugging effort and incoherent ramblings, I can only work with what you give me. Your decision to continually ignore advice, and not actually do any debugging suggests that you don't have the patience to do what you're trying to do, or at best you need to work on this, however you continue to waste time with arguments about why you don't know things rather than invest the time in learning. Nobody is born knowing any of this, everyone has to learn it.

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