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Re^5: pp with gui

by marto (Bishop)
on Apr 06, 2013 at 19:35 UTC ( #1027296=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^4: pp with gui
in thread pp with gui

"No inconsistencies whatsoever."

From Re^4: pp with gui:

pp --gui -o gui2.exe -l C:/Perl/lib/auto/Tcl/tkki. dll -l C:/P +erl/lib/auto/Tcl/Tcl.dll

From Re^6: pp with gui:

pp --gui -o gui2.exe -l C:/Perl/lib/auto/Tcl/tkkid ll -l C:/Pe +rl/lib/auto/Tcl/Tcl.dll -x

From Re^8: pp with gui (file paths):

pp --gui -o gui1.exe -l C:/Perl/lib/auto/Tcl/tkkit.dll -l C:/P +erl/lib/auto/Tcl/Tcl.dll -x

It seems you don't understand what the word inconsistent means.

"Note: I never said I typed the command into the command prompt every time, you just inferred that to make your point.

Nonsense, try actually reading what I wrote.

"That is why I had the same typo several times."

More nonsense, as I demonstrate you do it differently multiple times.

"It is also why I inadvertently called the command later with --gui after I had removed it once for testing.

Multiple times you were asked to stop using this, why didn't it occur to you that you kept using this and clouding the issue? Copying and pasting things doesn't seem to be working our for you. Nor does actually reading the documentation for the tools you've chosen to use. Attention to detail is required.

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Re^6: pp with gui
by mkmal (Novice) on Apr 06, 2013 at 20:01 UTC
    ""it's inconsistent at various points throught your thread, ** either you didn't copy and paste it or you've made multiple mistakes when typing it several times.**"

    I didn't say my command did not change at various times during the debug session. Of course it would. I said that when I changed the command I saved it in notepad. I then cut and pasted from notepad until I made another change. I did read what you wrote and that's why I explained how I was doing things. What I told golux was completely correct.

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