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Re^6: How many man-hours would you estimate you have invested in learning Perl?

by tinita (Parson)
on Apr 08, 2013 at 18:32 UTC ( #1027574=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: How many man-hours would you estimate you have invested in learning Perl?
in thread How many man-hours would you estimate you have invested in learning Perl?

the sad thing is, that 7 people upvoted it. We're in the year 2013 and at least 7 users think it's ok to call the perl community a boy's club, and if women enter, they have to "expect" certain things.
apart from that I find that post very insulting in its language. and nobody else seems to care, apart from 7 downvoters (edit: at least 12 now), which gives the post a reputation of zero, which is IMHO still too high for post like this.
Your criticism was not insulting, my criticism was not insulting, but some anonymous monk can write such a post here and get a non-negative reputation.
Seems a significant number of users here live still in stoneage and think, insulting is a legitimate instrument to make those annoying feminists just go away.
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Re^7: How many man-hours would you estimate you have invested in learning Perl?
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 08, 2013 at 18:57 UTC

    The problem is you are not a feminist by any recognizable definition of the term.

    You are just an annoying, self-serving egotist who latched onto the feminist agenda to draw attention to yourself.

    And the balance reflects that you've been found out.

      You do realize you're not talking to me more, but to tinta, who is on evidence actually a woman?

      Do you have any idea how bad you look here? I'm guessing not. Let me fill you in: Bad. Quite bad indeed.

        So first you brand one monk as sexist based upon your hypersensitive misreading of a harmless joke.

        Now you brand another as homophobic, assuming both the gender and sexual preference of that monk, based upon your misunderstanding of the etymology of mangina, which in this context has zero sexual connotations.

        Both of which are indefensible. But only if they are true.

        Which is exactly what makes it of such great import that the are not bandied about lightly, and paramount that be both defensible and defended when they are leveled unjustifiably.

        And that's where your misguided white knight act falls flat on its face, doing more harm than good.

        With your ability to misconstrue the innocuous as the obnoxious, you not only harm those you target, but also create a climate of apprehension that destroys social interaction because the monks are in constant fear of saying the wrong thing and inadvertently raising the ire of the PC gods.

        Not only do you not understand what does and does not constitute sexism worthy of redress, you also have no idea of how best to attempt such redress. Had you gone quietly to the gods and voiced your concerns that the joke was questionable, then they might have considered them and perhaps quietly changed the wording, or dropped the option.

        Instead of that, you choose to consider your judgement as sacrosanct, and publicly vilify the originator of the poll who has no opportunity to change anything, even if he chose to accept your judgement.

        Given that ability, and your misplaced arrogance that your position is unassailable, it comes as no surprise that you continue to think that you are in the right.

        Nor, that you continue to misread my disagreement with your judgement as tacit indication that I'm three kinds of bigot. Your judgement is so flawed, I'm only surprised that you haven't yet attempted to also brand me as a racist, xenophobic, pedophile.

        As one of us said in an earlier post, your puerile attempts to be seen as a PC-complaint knight in shinning armor do more harm than good.

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