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Re^2: Reading concurrently two files with different number of lines

by frogsausage (Sexton)
on Apr 11, 2013 at 09:03 UTC ( #1028099=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Reading concurrently two files with different number of lines
in thread Reading concurrently two files with different number of lines

Thank you for the link to Finite-State-Machine. I have made myself a couple of scenarios I could use to resolve my case, each having of course pros and cons.

In term of following code complexity, it would be much simple to read first and append then compute later.

As for Fortan, the file format I am dealing with was output by some Fortran code when it was created. However, even though the file can now go further 80 characters per line, it seems the + was there with that limit in mind and has been kept for legacy purposes.

I am now going to implement that, taking in account all your feedbacks and I will definitely come back to let you know about how it goes! Hopefully it will be for something positive :)

P.S: you are not old, just some are younger than you, and most probably lots are older than you! However I am of the first kind, never read Fortran.

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[Corion]: hippo: Yes, but I'm not sure that it's even worth the effort of implementing it at all...
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[hippo]: OIC. In that case leave it out but invite feature requests and see if any of the users suggest it. :-)
[Corion]: Talking about this makes me realize that it's likely only a half useful idea. But it still would be convenient to have as an option...
[Corion]: hippo: Hmmm - yeah, I could document it and wait for code implementing that option to show up ;-D

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