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Mechanizing around Javascript

by PerlSufi (Friar)
on Apr 25, 2013 at 20:43 UTC ( #1030732=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
PerlSufi has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Hello monks, I need to get to a page that has a report I need to download. I have been struggling with this for a couple days and I need some help. Here is my code:
UPDATE: When I run
$mech->get(' +tSearch.html'); print $mech->status();
I get a 200. Does that mean I can successfully retrieve my file located on that page? (with mechanize filling out the form stuff etc)
#! /usr/bin/perl #needs javascript navigation capability around line 34 -date 4/17/13 use WWW::Mechanize; use LWP::UserAgent; #This block of code follows from the CAPS homepage to the Account Inqu +iries link my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new(); my $url = ""; $mech->get($url); if ($mech->success()){ print "Successful Connection\n"; } else { print "Not a successful connection\n"; } #This block of code is intended to fill in the required forms $mech->get($url); my $usr = "asdf"; #marked out for post my $pw = "asdffgg"; $mech->form_number(1); $mech->field( "login_name", $usr); $mech->form_number(2); $mech->field("user_password", $pw); $mech->click(); #follow link to dashboard $mech->follow_link( url=> ' +equestPage=P1DASHBOARD'); $mech->follow_link( url=> ' +do?group_name=Mailer&landing=Dashboard'); print $mech->content(); #my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(); #my $response = $ua->get(' +questPage=P1DASHBOARD'); #my $response2 = $ua->get(' +do?group_name=Mailer&landing=Dashboard'); #my $response3 = $ua->get(' +do?group_name=Mailer&landing=MailingReports'); #my $response4 = $ua->get(' +ashboard.html?reset=true'); #my $response5 = $ua->get (' +downloadAcsReportSearch.html'); #the last link above is the page I need to end up at. I commented this + out for now
Inspecting the page's java script has:
<script language="javascript"> function expendEvent(index) { if (document.getElementById("table"+ index).style.visible == 'hidd +en') { document.getElementById("table"+ index).style.visible = 'visib +le'; document.getElementById("image"+ index).src="images/hide_detai +ls.gif"; } else {document.getElementById("table"+ index).style.visible = 'hidden'; document.getElementById("image"+ index).src="images/show_details.g +if"; } if (document.getElementById("table"+ index).style.display == 'none +') {document.getElementById("table"+ index).style.display = 'inline'; } else { document.getElementById("table"+ index).style.display = 'none +';} } </script>
I get "link not found.." error when I run the script. Do I need to extract the tables that have the links?

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Re: Mechanizing around Javascript
by runrig (Abbot) on Apr 25, 2013 at 22:26 UTC
    if ($mech->success()){
    The default is autocheck is ON, which means you don't have to check for success, it will die if unsuccessful.
    $mech->follow_link( url=> 'https://...
    Why follow_link? Just get() it.
Re: Mechanizing around Javascript
by Gangabass (Vicar) on Apr 26, 2013 at 12:26 UTC
    There is no form #2 on your login page. I recommend you to rewrite your code like this:
    $mech->get($url); my $usr = "asdf"; #marked out for post my $pw = "asdffgg"; $mech->submit_form ( with_fields => { login_name => $usr, user_password => $pw, }, );
    Also there is no need to use follow_link with absolute URL just use get
      Thanks. I have used the get() to receive my page, but I am still having problems getting te file by clicking a button in a form named "searchForm". It doesn't recognize the form id
        Please show HTML code you have in your browser for this page (usually you can get it by pressing Ctrl+U).

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