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Perl Tk compound formatting

by CColin (Scribe)
on Jun 06, 2013 at 15:37 UTC ( #1037479=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
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Have just started using Perl Tk and am creating a compound button widget. Am pretty much adapting the compound button creation example from "Mastering Perl Tk" as follows:

my $bttn = $mw->Button; my $c = $bttn->Compound; $c->Space(-height => 10); $c->Line; $c->Space(-width => 10); $c->Text(-text => "A name", -font => 'times 19'); $c->Image(-image => $bttn->Photo(-file => "an_image.png") ); $c->Space(-width => 10); $c->Line; $c->Space(-height => 10);

This code is run within a loop of names/ images and does indeed spit out a list of buttons that represent what is required - however I'd like to align all the image files to the right of each button and fix the button widths so that they appear visually aligned as if in a vertical column. (Clearly the text for "A name" is of variable length, which explains why they are not currently aligned but ragged).

I'm reading docs without much luck. Any ideas how to do this?

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Re: Perl Tk compound formatting
by thundergnat (Deacon) on Jun 06, 2013 at 18:13 UTC

    Something like this perhaps? (using built in bitmaps in lieu of png images)

    use strict; use warnings; use Tk; my %w; $w{mw} = MainWindow->new; for (qw/ this that a_longer_name X /){ my $bttn = $w{mw}->Button( -text => "$_ ", -font => 'times 19', -justify => 'right', -compound => 'right', -bitmap => 'warning', #-image => $w{mw}->Photo( -file => 'whatever' ), -anchor => 'e', -padx => 4, )->pack; push @{$w{buttons}}, $bttn; } $w{mw}->update; { my $width = 0; for (@{$w{buttons}}) { $width = $_->width if $_->width > $width; } for (@{$w{buttons}}) { $_->configure( -width => $width ); } } MainLoop;
      Question: Sorry to bother you again, but how to add a scrollbar to this since the number of buttons may disappear off the page. I see that you have aded a mainwindow and a child window (somehow). I have tried the following code to create a scrollbar, but it only appears in the main window where there are no buttons displayed, rather than the child window:
      my $scrollbar = $mw->Scrollbar( ); my $lb = $mw->Listbox(-yscrollcommand => ['set' => $scrollbar]); #Configure the Scrollbar to talk to the Listbox widget $scrollbar->configure(-command => ['yview' => $lb]); #Pack the Scrollbar first so that it doesn't disappear when we resize $scrollbar->pack(-side => 'right', -fill => 'y'); $lb->pack(-side => 'left', -fill => 'both');

      How to get this scrollbar to appear alongside the buttons that are listed in the child window?

        scrollbars are kind of PITA to setup, which is why there is  $parent->Scrolled( 'widgetname', ... widgetoptions ... )->pack see Tk::Scrolled

        You don't want to (can't actually) scroll the main window directly. You need to insert a scrolled Frame or Pane into the toplevel (main window) then pack your widgets inside that.

        use strict; use warnings; use Tk; use Tk::Pane; my %w; $w{mw} = MainWindow->new; $w{mw}->geometry('220x350'); $w{bframe} = $w{mw}->Scrolled( 'Frame', -scrollbars => 'oe' )->pack( -expand => 1, -fill => 'both' ); for (qw/ this that a_longer_name X cheese verb witty_retort superstiti +on A..Z whatever/){ my $bttn = $w{bframe}->Button( -text => "$_", -font => 'times 19', -justify => 'left', -compound => 'right', -bitmap => ('error','info','question','warning')[rand 4], -anchor => 'e', -padx => 4, )->pack; push @{$w{buttons}}, $bttn; } $w{mw}->update; { my $width = 0; for (@{$w{buttons}}) { $width = $_->width if $_->width > $width; } for (@{$w{buttons}}) { $_->configure(-width => $width); } } MainLoop;

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