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Re: Error while installing Params::Validate module

by Khen1950fx (Canon)
on Jul 05, 2013 at 22:14 UTC ( #1042809=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Error while installing Params::Validate module

Try this:
#!/usr/bin/perl BEGIN { $| = 1; $^W = 1; $ENV{'RELEASE_TESTING'} = 1; $ENV{'PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT'} = 1; } use strict; use warnings; use CPAN; CPAN::Shell->install( qw( base XSLoader Text::Wrap Exporter Carp Test version Scalar::Util IO::Dir Pod::Escapes Pod::Simple Test::Pod Encode Pod::Man File::Spec constant File::Path ExtUtils::MakeMaker Filter::Util::Call YAML Test::Requires Try::Tiny Test::Fatal Text::Abbrev lib ExtUtils::ParseXS Perl::OSType Locale::Maketext Locale::Maketext::Simple Locale::Maketext::Lexicon Params::Check Module::Metadata Module::Load Module::CoreList Module::Load::Conditional Text::ParseWords Socket IPC::Cmd Data::Dumper Time::HiRes ExtUtils::CBuilder ExtUtils::Manifest CPAN::Meta::YAML Test::Harness Test::More JSON::PP Parse::CPAN::Meta File::Path ExtUtils::Install File::Temp CPAN::Meta::Requirements CPAN::Meta Module::Build Module::Runtime Module::Implementation Params::Validate) );

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Node Type: note [id://1042809]
[1nickt]: thezip use Path::Tiny. @paths = path("/foo")-> children; (Excludes "." and ".." automatically.)
[1nickt]: (Also takes a compiled regexp as an arg to filter the list)
[1nickt]: For multiple dirs use iterator(): $it = path("/foo")-> iterator; while ( my $path = $it->() ) {...}

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