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Re^4: Found unrecognised attribute in SOAP WSD

by Anonymous Monk
on Aug 06, 2013 at 23:47 UTC ( #1048218=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Found unrecognised attribute in SOAP WSD
in thread Found unrecognised attribute in SOAP WSD

Hi, I've got the same problem. Did you get a solution for the error? Are you trying to use a web service that is hosted by an IBM i machine (aka, AS400)? Please, let me know if you found a solution, it would help me so much. Thank you, Esdras

nevdka didn't ask the question, so the chances of nevdka finding the solution are slim to nine. nevdka volunteered a debugging tip for the OP to use, you can use this tip too

Like the OP, you're not providing enough details for anyone to begin to answer the question: is this bug in WSDL(a detail) or bug in SOAP::WSDL

You could try SOAP::Simple or another client (or some kind of soapspy... xmllint...) to see how they handle the source WSDL, if they detect problems with it like SOAP::WSDL does

My soap tips (I hate soap), SOAP::Lite is too much work, SOAP::Simple is less work (but its simple, when stuck go to XML::Compile::SOAP, more verbose, but you want verbose with SOAP ) ... its built on XML::Compile::SOAP/ , see my treasure trove of soap examples and lost knowledge,$soap->transport->add_handler("request_send", \&pp_dump );,, SOAP endpoint , Re^3: SOAP::Lite login setup, Re: I do not understand how to write a SOAP server., An XML Overview Towards Understanding SOAP, Re^3: SOAP::Lite and custom envelopes, The XML FIles: Understanding XML Namespaces, How to Call a .NET-based Web Service Using the SOAP::Lite Perl Library (don't use XML::Compile )

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