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RFC - new shortform for newquestions with anysection dropdown/selection/option

by Anonymous Monk
on Sep 03, 2013 at 02:05 UTC ( #1051997=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

RFC - new newquestionshortform with anysection dropdown/selection/option

Same old form with new anysection select/option/dropdown

This version in codetags because Perl Monks Approved HTML tags

<div class="editnodetext"> <br><table class="addnewform" width="100%"> <tbody><tr class="titlebar add-root-blurb"> <td><b><a name="post"> Add your content </a></b></td></tr> <tr><td> <form method="post" action="?" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <span class="add-title">Title:</span> <input name="node" type="text"> <br><span class="add-text">Your new post:</span><br> Use:&nbsp; <tt>&lt;p&gt; text here (a <b>p</b>aragraph) &lt;/p&gt;</tt +> <br>and:&nbsp; <tt>&lt;code&gt; code here &lt;/code&gt;</tt><br> to format your post; it's "PerlMonks-approved HTML": <br> <textarea name="perlquestion_doctext" rows="20" cols="80"></textarea> <br> Section: <select name="node_id"> <option value="479"> new question: Seekers of Perl Wisdom </option> <option value="480"> new topic: Meditations </option> <option value="1040"> new question: Perl Monks Discussion </option> <option value="1044"> new topic: Cool Uses for Perl </option> <option value="1590"> new topic: Perl Poetry </option> <option value="1597"> new topic: Obfuscated code </option> <option value="23771"> new topic: Perl News </option> </option> Action: <input name="op" value="preview" type="submit"> </form> </td></tr></tbody></table> </div>

See also new question button, RFC new question nodelet proposal (postshortcuts, newquestion, oneclickpostlinks, noscrollnewpost), RFC - shortform posting guidance for newcomers, Re: Put some of the posting guidelines directly above the posting form:, Re: Standard way for displaying a script's output.( new question template)

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