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by Jerry (Scribe)
on Aug 19, 2001 at 00:01 UTC ( #105944=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

From Larry Wall's talk on Postmodernism:
The Cult of Seriousness decided that everyone had to keep their source code hidden, because other people might laugh at how bad our code is and make us fix it. Or worse, someone might steal our bad code and make it better. Then we'd be out of business, and Life is serious business.

I do general Web Dev, Perl/PHP coding, and Linux SA/SE. My (previous) employers include Sprint Broadband Wireless (I worked on the Vertex team with Bishop Russ and Fellow New Monk tradez) and UtiliCorp United/Aquila. Since the economic crash of 2001, I'm now spending most of my time as an HVAC and Electrical subcontractor, as HVAC/Electrical work seems easier to find than computer consulting gigs. If you're in Kansas City and your air conditioner doesnt work, I'm your man!

I also enjoy making music. I play bass, guitar, keys, and noodle around with a few other instruments. I currently play in Kansas City-based 70's style Soul/Funk band King Suckerman.

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[Corion]: Also suffering is my 2-factor Github sign-in, as now, FF can't read my USB token anymore. "This was a horrible idea" is slowly dawning on me ;)
[Corion]: Yay. FF now has u2f built-in (behind an about:config setting), so using an USB token to sign in actually works :)
[Corion]: So, it's not all bad with the new FF :)
[holli]: 2factor is a bit too much for me. i just use passwords like jhbn8789q27312laks dmaw98^
[moritz]: isn't there also some about:config setting to enable the old plugin API?
[Discipulus]: indeed, only the logo is nicer

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