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Re^3: Net::OpenSSH rsync_get/rsync_put

by salva (Abbot)
on Nov 28, 2013 at 08:47 UTC ( #1064769=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Net::OpenSSH rsync_get/rsync_put
in thread Net::OpenSSH rsync_get/rsync_put

Post the code where you call Net::OpenSSH constructor.

Also, enable the module debugging mode and post the output here:

$Net::OpenSSH::debug = -1;

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Re^4: Net::OpenSSH rsync_get/rsync_put
by shivangi (Initiate) on Nov 28, 2013 at 11:55 UTC

    Hi Salva, thanks for the quick replies. PFB the output + constructor code.

    .... .... ....... for my $_entry (@_hosts) { eval { $_ssh{$_entry} = Net::OpenSSH->new($_entry, us +er=>$config{_ssh_user}, password=>$config{_ssh_passwd}, async => 1, master_opts => [-o => "St +rictHostKeyChecking=no"]); if($_ssh{$_entry}->error) { die CLI::Exception::SSHConnectExceptio +n->new() ; } else { $logger->debug("Successfully establis +hed SSH connection with ", $_entry); } }; if(catch my $_e) { if ($_e->isa('CLI::Exception')) { $logger->error($_e->description, " wit +h ", $_entry); print $_e->description." with $_entry +\n"; } } } if($_command eq "getfile") { for my $_entry (@_hosts) { $_pid{$_entry} = $_ssh{$_entry}->rsync_get({as +ync => 1, stderr_fh=>$fh, progress=> 1, recursive => 1}, "/home/shagu +n/check.c", "/home/shivangi/") or ($logger->error("rsync_get to $_entry failed") + and print "rsync_get to $_entry failed\n"); } } elsif($_command eq "putfile") { for my $_entry (@_hosts) { $_pid{$_entry} = $_ssh{$_entry}->rsync_put({as +ync => 1, stderr_fh=>$fh, recursive => 1, progress => 1 }, "/home/shi +vangi/shwetabh.img", "/home/shagun/") .... ... ... .. When i execute the code with debug mode enabled, output is: garfield:/home/shivangi/CLI_14/lib1 # ./ garfield>putfile region-group groupB # open_ex: ['ssh','-O','check','-T','-S','/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/r +oot-','-l','root','','--'] # _waitpid(3981) => pid: 3981, rc: # open_ex: ['rsync','-e','ssh -S /root/.libnet-openssh-perl/root-10.11 +2.35.43-3848-813787','--blocking-io','-q','--recursive','--progress', +'--','/home/shivangi/shwetabh.img','root@'] # open_ex: ['ssh','-O','check','-T','-S','/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/r +oot-','-l','root','','--'] # _waitpid(3984) => pid: 3984, rc: # open_ex: ['rsync','-e','ssh -S /root/.libnet-openssh-perl/root-10.11 +2.32.56-3848-476728','--blocking-io','-q','--recursive','--progress', +'--','/home/shivangi/shwetabh.img','root@'] # open_ex: ['ssh','-O','exit','-T','-S','/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/ro +ot-','-l','root','','--'] # _waitpid(4236) => pid: 4236, rc: # open_ex: ['ssh','-O','exit','-T','-S','/root/.libnet-openssh-perl/ro +ot-','-l','root','','--'] # _waitpid(4237) => pid: 4237, rc:
      May STDOUT had been previously redirected in your script to some other place? I can not imagine any other reason causing that behavior.

      In Linux you can add the following perl code to discover where STDOUT is going:

      system 'ls -l /proc/$$/fd/1';

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