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Re^3: ActivePerl Gtk2::Helper Hangs

by bulk88 (Priest)
on Nov 29, 2013 at 04:46 UTC ( #1064892=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: ActivePerl Gtk2::Helper Hangs
in thread ActivePerl Gtk2::Helper Hangs

I think you hit a bug in Win32::API.
2013-06-27 Win32::API v0.76_02 bulk88 .......... - Fixed, Win32::API::More::Import created Win32::API objs, not Win32::API::More
upgrade to 0.76_02 or newer (Win32::API::More objects do automatic packing and unpacking of pointers to numbers, Win32::API objects require you to call pack and unpack yourself to convert the string/buffer filled with C-style binary numbers to Perl numbers)

or convert the Win32::API::More->Import( to Win32::API->Import(, then pad out $bAvail with $bAvail = "\x00" x 4;, then after PeekNamedPipe, if successful, do unpack('L', $bAvail). Previous sentence is a summary of Win32::API.

What happened was, because there isn't automatic packing my $bAvail = 0; was stringfied to "0", which is 1 byte long. The C function PeekNamedPipe wrote 4 bytes to $bAvail, even though $bAvail had only 1 byte space. An anti-memory corruption detector in Win32::API caught the mistake.

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