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Re: Trouble with File::Find::Rule

by Jim (Curate)
on Dec 14, 2013 at 04:08 UTC ( #1067103=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Trouble with File::Find::Rule

Unfortunately, you can't use File::Find and friends on Microsoft Windows. It doesn't handle Unicode file or folder names, long paths (i.e., paths that exceed MAX_PATH), or junction points. In general, ordinary Perl isn't useful for handling arbitrary files and folders on Windows. I suspect no modern scripting language is, including PowerShell. But I could be wrong.


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Re^2: Trouble with File::Find::Rule
by ww (Archbishop) on Dec 14, 2013 at 04:27 UTC
    " can't use File::Find and friends on Microsoft Windows.

    Outrageously inaccurate. Works fine on WinXP and up (and IIRC, should work fine even on W98).

    Likewise "isn't useful" and "no modern scripting language is...."

    Yes, you "could be" and, in fact, are wrong; way wrong!

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. Juvenal, Satires

        The new news here is Win32::LongPath, which looks very promising. It was officially released just three months ago, so it wasn't around in 2010 when I asked "Is File::Find Unicode-(Conformant|Compliant|Enabled|Capable)?" It has already been enhanced (just days ago) with an important feature:  support for Cygwin. This new CPAN module addresses the problems that I lamented earlier makes Perl—like other modern scripting languages—not generally and dependably useable for folder and file manipulation in the modern Windows environment, including Unicode, long paths and junction/mount points.

        Perl scripts written with Win32::LongPath aren't portable, of course. And as far as I can tell, there's no new File::Find::foo module that exploits the new Windows-specific capabilities afforded by Win32::LongPath. But having the ability to manipulate folders and files on Windows reliably using a comprehensive, well-documented and seemingly well-written CPAN module is a big win for Modern Perl versus other scripting languages.


      Oh, I wish I were wrong, ww—believe me. And if you can demonstrate with working Perl code examples and accompanying test cases that I'm wrong, no one will be more thrilled than I will be.

      Perl's built-in functions don't use the Windows API that they must use if they are to work correctly with Unicode file names, paths that exceed MAX_PATH, and junction points. At least this is how it has always been until the last time I researched the topic. If Perl's limitations with respect to file and folder handling on Windows have been fixed very recently, that's terrific. But I don't think they have or I'd know about it already.


      You can't use chdir to change the current working directory to a Japanese folder name (Unicode) on Windows. It fails.

      Running this trivial Perl script…

          use strict;
          use warnings;
          use utf8;
          use autodie qw( chdir );
          binmode STDERR, ':encoding(UTF-8)';
          chdir 'C:/日本/';

      …fails with this error message…

          Can't chdir('C:/日本/'): No such file or directory at line 8

      File::Find uses chdir.

      I'm running Strawberry Perl version 5.16.2.



      Running this Perl script…

      #!perl use strict; use warnings; use utf8; use autodie qw( chdir ); binmode STDERR, ':encoding(UTF-8)'; chdir 'C:/Doesn’t Work/';

      …fails with this error message…

          Can't chdir('C:/Doesn’t Work/'): No such file or directory at line 8

        Had you limited your indictment (first sentence) to working with Japanese characters, I couldn't and wouldn't have argued. But your indictment was global... and that's still wrong.

        For working code examples, you don't need a new and redundant post from /me. There are examples enough already on site, if you seek them out.

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