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Re: How do you parse XML?

by jellisii2 (Hermit)
on Dec 26, 2013 at 15:22 UTC ( #1068436=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How do you parse XML?

No mention of XML::Twig?! Let me rectify this right now: Of all the options I played with when I first had to start parsing XML, XML::Twig was the easiest for me to understand and get up to speed with. I've not found any case where it couldn't do the job I needed when dealing with XML. May $DEITY bless mirod.

--edit: clarity. Need more coffee.

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Re^2: How do you parse XML?
by crashtest (Curate) on Dec 31, 2013 at 20:41 UTC

    ++ to XML::Twig; I was also surprised to find XML::Simple as the only Perl module listed in the poll. I've been using XML::Twig ever since some more experienced monks (Your Mother, toolic) guided me in this area, and it's not let me down. It also comes with the very handy xml_grep and xml_pp (pretty-printer), which find frequent use at work.

    I'm one of those "Java people" and I regularly deal with XML. I don't understand all the hate for it; after all, the very content you're reading right now was delivered to your computer using a form of XML. Right tool in the right place and all that.

      The list of options presented turned the poll into a silly joke.

      HTML is not a form of XML! It's similar, but one ain't a form of the other.

      I think most of the hate comes from the tendency of a lot of (especially) companies, that go absolutely bollocks when designing their XML formats producing thus insane, overcomplicated, hard to use messes. An from some people's insistence on using XML everywhere for everything. SOAP or HR-XML can turn anyone to a XML-hater.

      Enoch was right!
      Enjoy the last years of Rome.

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