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Re: Answer: How can I find the index of the biggest element in an array?

by dcmertens (Scribe)
on Jan 16, 2014 at 02:19 UTC ( #1070750=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I disagree. This is kinda clever, but I suspect that a single pass would be clearer. I would do this:
my @array = qw(4 3 7 8 9 49 12 23 43); my ($largest, $largest_idx) = ($array1[0], 0); for my $i (1 .. $#array) { ($largest, $largest_idx) = ($array[$i], $i) if $largest < $array[$i]; } print "Largest number is $largest, at offset $largest_idx\n";
It really seems like something like this should be available in List::Util or List::MoreUtils, and I would use one of those instead of the sort+smartmatch. At any rate, I am most likely to need this sort of calculation in PDL, where I would do it like this:
use PDL; my $data = pdl(qw(4 3 7 8 9 49 12 23 43)); my $largest_idx = $data->maximum_ind; my $largest = $data->at($max_idx); print "Largest number is $largest, at offset $largest_idx\n";
but PDL would be overkill for a dataset of this size.

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