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by flowdy (Sexton)
on Feb 02, 2014 at 14:51 UTC ( #1073057=user: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

Perl is my native (programing) language. Projects I remember have made with Perl:

  1. a symmetric-key ASCII encryption that did not scale well. Stopped developing it as GPG/PGP was hyped.
  2. a "serious game" (like chess) where the player is to draw a cursor through a 3d maze. Passing the bridges between neighbour positions would increase or decrease a counter. The goal is to drive it up to the theoretical limit, the progress is indicated in per-cent. A bridge is configured with elementary math operations +n, -n, *n, /n, or no operation. You'd suffer penalty effects by repassing the same bridges or those of stronger opponents. Based on which positions you hit on your path worm holes to remote positions can open. But I realized the game would be more interesting for bot programmers than for human players. Plus, for the latter, to develop a 3d graphical interface was as difficult as little fun. Hence my ambitions for that game went "poof!" someday.
  3. a 15k s‎crip‎t to transform the dump from a proprietary literature database into RIS records in order to feed into Reference Manager.
  4. A meta search service covering a number of publisher-side ebook repositories
  5. an alert service for a university library where users can create profiles of their subject interests, so they are alerted with new media relevant for them, only. The different sources use different subject classifications. The source-specific subjects were mapped to generic subjects by target group specifications.
  6. a time management system. Do you know taskwarrior? That kind of thing. The strongest feature is that you can specify in advance when you think you are at or off work based on your plans and/or experience. So, when calculating the urgencies of the task(s), the software respects the working time only and gives more realistic estimations. Most realize someday that merging work and leisure is not a good idea considering one's decreasing well-being. This is the rationale. You find the sources and documentation on GitHub.

Books I consider must-read for serious Perl programmers

  • Tom Christiansen, brian d foy, Larry Wall: Perl, 2012
  • Damian Conway: Perl best practices, 2006
  • chromatic: Modern Perl, 2014

Never forget:

Trivial bugs usually try to compensate their triviality by blowing your time-need to find them.

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