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Difficult compiling Package::Stash::XS

by puterboy (Scribe)
on Feb 02, 2014 at 23:33 UTC ( #1073103=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
puterboy has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I am using 'cpan' under cygwin to try to install the package DateTime::TimeZone.

The installation fails when trying to compile the prerequisite: Package::Stash::XS with the error message "Could not make: Unknown error" -- which of course is not very helpful (at least to me).

The following is the fulloutput I receive after typing "install Package::Stash::XS"
Running install for module 'Package::Stash::XS' Running make for D/DO/DOY/Package-Stash-XS-0.28.tar.gz Prepending %BUILDDIR%/Test-Fatal-0.013-Zw4i9r/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Tes +t-Fatal-0.013-Zw4i9r/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test-Requires-0.07-8LLzjm/bl +ib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Requires-0.07-8LLzjm/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test +-Output-1.03-gGwQYZ/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Output-1.03-gGwQYZ/blib +/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test-Tester-0.109-YJnV9z/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Te +ster-0.109-YJnV9z/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Exporter-0.987-es_9LP/blib/ +arch %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Exporter-0.987-es_9LP/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Data-Op +tList-0.109-tQ8WPI/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Data-OptList-0.109-tQ8WPI/bli +b/lib %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Install-0.927-1vN3KS/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Sub-In +stall-0.927-1vN3KS/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Capture-Tiny-0.23-koScj6/blib/ +arch %BUILDDIR%/Capture-Tiny-0.23-koScj6/blib/lib to PERL5LIB; %BUILD +DIR%=/home/myhome/.cpan/build for 'get' Has already been unwrapped into directory /home/myhome/.cpan/build/P +ackage-Stash-XS-0.28-KGjONb Prepending %BUILDDIR%/Test-Fatal-0.013-Zw4i9r/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Tes +t-Fatal-0.013-Zw4i9r/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test-Requires-0.07-8LLzjm/bl +ib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Requires-0.07-8LLzjm/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test +-Output-1.03-gGwQYZ/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Output-1.03-gGwQYZ/blib +/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test-Tester-0.109-YJnV9z/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Te +ster-0.109-YJnV9z/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Exporter-0.987-es_9LP/blib/ +arch %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Exporter-0.987-es_9LP/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Data-Op +tList-0.109-tQ8WPI/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Data-OptList-0.109-tQ8WPI/bli +b/lib %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Install-0.927-1vN3KS/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Sub-In +stall-0.927-1vN3KS/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Capture-Tiny-0.23-koScj6/blib/ +arch %BUILDDIR%/Capture-Tiny-0.23-koScj6/blib/lib to PERL5LIB; %BUILD +DIR%=/home/myhome/.cpan/build for 'make' Could not make: Unknown error Prepending %BUILDDIR%/Test-Fatal-0.013-Zw4i9r/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Tes +t-Fatal-0.013-Zw4i9r/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test-Requires-0.07-8LLzjm/bl +ib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Requires-0.07-8LLzjm/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test +-Output-1.03-gGwQYZ/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Output-1.03-gGwQYZ/blib +/lib %BUILDDIR%/Test-Tester-0.109-YJnV9z/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Test-Te +ster-0.109-YJnV9z/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Exporter-0.987-es_9LP/blib/ +arch %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Exporter-0.987-es_9LP/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Data-Op +tList-0.109-tQ8WPI/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Data-OptList-0.109-tQ8WPI/bli +b/lib %BUILDDIR%/Sub-Install-0.927-1vN3KS/blib/arch %BUILDDIR%/Sub-In +stall-0.927-1vN3KS/blib/lib %BUILDDIR%/Capture-Tiny-0.23-koScj6/blib/ +arch %BUILDDIR%/Capture-Tiny-0.23-koScj6/blib/lib to PERL5LIB; %BUILD +DIR%=/home/myhome/.cpan/build for 'test' Running make test Can't test without successful make Running make install Make had returned bad status, install seems impossible
Note that 'make' is installed in '/bin/make' by the standard cygwin install.

Any idea what might be wrong here and how to fix it?

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Re: Difficult compiling Package::Stash::XS
by syphilis (Chancellor) on Feb 03, 2014 at 00:41 UTC
    Could not make: Unknown error

    I think I would just 'cd' to /home/myhome/.cpan/build/Package-Stash-XS-0.28-KGjONb, run 'make clean', followed by 'perl Makefile.PL', followed by 'make test' - and then 'make install' if all went well.
    If all did *not* go well, then you should at least have meaningful error messages with which to work.

    Once you get Package::Stash::XS installed, you can then re-run your original command in order to install the module you want.

Re: Difficult compiling Package::Stash::XS
by puterboy (Scribe) on Feb 03, 2014 at 01:10 UTC
    OK... seem to be a couple of problems here.

    First, 'gcc' appears in both /bin and /usr/bin. (the directories are actually the same inode -- presumably junctions). However, if /bin precedes /usr/bin in the PATH, then I get the above error message. If /usr/bin, comes first, then it fails with a more understandable error:
    /usr/lib/perl5/5.14/x86_64-cygwin-threads/CORE/reentr.h:109:26: fatal +error: crypt.h: No such file or directory # include <crypt.h>
    This was fixed by installing libcrypt-devel. Then everything worked just fine... So problem solved!

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