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TheZen of Eval (and how to avoid bad karma)

by mdupont (Scribe)
on Aug 28, 2001 at 01:03 UTC ( #108268=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

# Oh seeker of Perl Wisdom, # do not forget the karma of eval # find the ZEN of eval. # dont be fooled : see through the illusion. # Remember that the code is just in your mind! sub zen { my $thought = shift; &$thought; }; my $karma=0; # You do start out with no karma! zen do { print q[Oh Perlmonks : wisely avoid the endless cycle of karma created by the belief in the form of nibanna for the comtemplation of nibanna takes quite much more memory than you can afford in this cycle of karma! You will have to learn to see through the endless cycle of forms + to find the essence of being!]; my $koan = q{ my $program = q[ my $variable = '$karma++;print "OM($karma)\n";eval( +$variable)'; print $variable; my $value = eval($variable); print $value; ]; print $program; eval $program; }; zen(do{eval $koan}); } #$this = "copyleft 2001 mdupont"; #bless(\sub {bless \$this,&$that;},"PerlZen");

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Re: TheZen of Eval (and how to avoid bad karma)
by mdupont (Scribe) on Aug 28, 2001 at 02:34 UTC
    It has been pointed out that this should go into poetry. The problem is that it is really a meditation, and it is much more similar to poetry then to the other meditations. Well, I am not just surfing for XP, I am trying to enlighten you with some cool stuff. But if you think that this is just poetry, then try executing the code.... :) And if you can tell me how to move my nodes into poetry I will. Mike

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