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Re: How realistic is an extended absence?

by sundialsvc4 (Abbot)
on Aug 21, 2014 at 12:26 UTC ( #1098228=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How realistic is an extended absence?

I do not intend to “start talking politics” here, but it should also be said that there are several key issues that affect these decisions, at least within the United States and at the present time, which will influence your decisions.   (Including, I might add, the decision of whether-or-not to have children at all.)   Until these matters do come to a legislative change-point, they demand that you play your cards very close to your chest:

(1)   In the USA, you do not “have the right” to go to a doctor, nor to receive hospital-care beyond the bare minimum needed to stabilize your vital-signs and get you the hell out of their hospital.   Health care is a for-profit industry ... and so is health insurance, which is the only way that you can actually afford to pay the profits of health care.   On the one hand, profits are large, but on the other hand, the costs of providing medically-necessary care are eating into those profits.   Much-touted legislation such as the ACA (“Obamacare™”) was so shot full of holes by the determination for profits (even to the extent of turning the Federal Government into an insurance collection-agency) that it has made the situation worse instead of better.   The industry got what it paid for.   It’s a dead-bird law that hasn’t died yet, and its successor is not yet here and may not be here for some time.

(2)   If an employer cannot simply “contract away” its data-processing operation (and the associated [insurance] costs) ... even remove it from the country altogether ... but must instead employ people to do the work, then “employer contributions to health-insurance premiums” have become pretty-much the largest overhead-cost of having you on the payroll.   This is what makes such an issue as #1 so immediately relevant to you.   If your job can’t (yet) be outsourced to people who are willing to live 17-to an-apartment (I counted ...), then someone who is twenty-five will probably have much lower premiums than someone who is fifty-five.   (And if you actually went to a hospital, actually got really sick at some time in the past, even if you are healthy again now, then you will cost them considerably more than someone else who didn’t.   Yes, they know.)   Yes, it is a form of “redlining,” but the industry simply says that it’s cost containment, and right now they are the ones being listened to.   You can’t make them listen to you.   Therefore, (You Must) Plan Accordingly.™

Now, things will not stay this way ... realistically, they can’t ... but until they do change, you should not consider yourself to “be secure in” your IT job.   Consider that, like that famous Gary Larson cartoon, you’ve got a great big bulls-eye painted on your back, and someone whom you pass-by in the hallway is looking at it.   (And if you are not there to be looked-at, they’re really looking at it.)   It doesn’t matter how good you are or aren’t at what you do ... or, as the case may be, did.   Until these overriding cost-factors do change, they do profoundly affect your life.

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Re^2: How realistic is an extended absence?
by Solo (Deacon) on Aug 22, 2014 at 15:40 UTC
    then “employer contributions to health-insurance premiums” have become pretty-much the largest overhead-cost of having you on the payroll

    The amount I pay out-of-pocket for my employer group health coverage and the amounts I've heard (I've not checked myself) for similar plans on the exchanges implies my employer contributes very little to my coverage. If my health coverage is the largest part of my "fully loaded" cost to them, then they're being screwed by somebody in their HCM supply chain, not by health coverage costs.

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