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Re: Quickrep

by stefan k (Curate)
on Sep 10, 2001 at 19:02 UTC ( #111480=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Quickrep

First of all: as always your work is appreciated.
Then some remarks... I installed XML::Simple from CPAN and can't connect to because I'm living behind a very strict firewall. Then you'll find that the error message should be rearranged:
die "Error logging in: $result->code() $result->message()"
die "Error logging in:\nCode:", $result->code(), "Reason: ", $result- +>message(), "\n"
Now I'll give it -say- 5 minutes to find out how to get through the FW using a proxy... hang on :)

Update1: Somehow the env_proxy() method (as described in man lwpcook doesn't work, so I use this (add after the cookie-jar line)

if (defined $ENV{'http_proxy'}) { print "Using HTTP Proxy: $ENV{'http_proxy'}\n"; $agent->proxy(http => $ENV{'http_proxy'}); }
Now I'll take a short look what goes wrong with nodes having a negative reputation (yes, I got one of those, you should have one, too: just for testing purposes *grin*)

Update2 Just replace the %3u in the printf statements at the end of the script by %3d so we can display negative numbers...

Update3: Sorry, a '\' has sneak into the first fix: right before the 'R' of 'Reason'. Removed it...

Regards... Stefan
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